Free Online Yoga Classes for Moms

Let’s face it – we all have busy days, and sometimes fitness falls by the wayside. This is even truer for moms, who often take care of everyone in the family, often at the expense of fitness and “me time.” But this doesn’t need to be the case!

CafeMom Studios is excited to offer the new series, “CafeMom Yoga Studio,” providing yoga workouts designed just for moms! With just 20 minutes a day, moms can bring some fitness AND much needed relaxation into their lives.

Certified yoga instructor and mom of two, Jennifer Pettit, has constructed three 20-minute yoga workouts. The workouts are designed to help moms build strength, flexibility and balance and offer modifications on postures for beginners. These videos make working out at home simple and relaxing.

· Strength –This video is designed to strengthen the power of your body and your mind, helping moms feel empowered by their own strength:

· Balance – Practice this exercise every day to feel grounded, focused and strong:

· Flexibility – This workout is designed to open the gateway of the shoulder and hips, areas of our bodies that as mothers tend to get especially tight:

You can view and subscribe to “CafeMom Yoga Studio” by visiting