Yoga for Weightloss DVD: Product Review

Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

Product Review:
Yoga for Weightloss DVD – Beginner & Beyond (2007)
with Maggie Rhoades
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Reviewer: ACH Mom

Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

We all know that Yoga is good for our health and our inner balance.  Not only can it leave you refreshed, and de-stressed, it will also tone your body and contribute to a slimmer and fitter you.

Yoga exercise will give you a complete body workout and stretch your muscles while at the same time burning off calories. You will feel challenged but also feel great after each exercise regime.

The Yoga for Weightloss DVD – Beginner & Beyond is an outstanding practice DVD for all levels of yoga students, from beginner to more advanced student. You can choose from 12 different set routines that range from between 15 to 60 minutes depending on ability and time restraints. It has a “Getting Started Routine” for the complete beginner, a “As you Progress Routine” and a weights & bands bonus section.

The instructor, Maggie Rhoades, gives very clear instructions and explains in detail the different poses throughout the routines and additional useful advice, for example when to breathe. The routines will help you practice a nice selection of different poses and you will find yourself advancing to more difficult poses in no time.

Enjoy the health benefits of yoga in the comfort of your home, watch your body getting more and more toned, flexible, slimmer, invigorated and fit.