Cool Things – The Invisible “Conceal Shelf”


Here’s an easy home decor project out there for you minimalists who love books!

Available online from Uncommon Goods, these two rendition of the “conceal shelf” are oh-so simple in design:

Conceal Shelf
Conceal Shelf
Price: $14.99
Why dust standard shelves or clutter your floor with stacks of books when your books can float on the wall? This powder coated steel shelf designed by Miron Lior becomes invisible behind a stack of books – creating the illusion of a floating pile of tomes. (Available in two sizes: The regular size holds up to 15 pounds. The large size holds up to 20 pounds.)

Or maybe you’d prefer this one, also available online from Uncommon Goods:

Conceal L Shelf
Conceal L Shelf

Like the best literature, this startling bookshelf will have you rethinking the way you look at the world. A new twist on the popular “invisible” Conceal Shelf, your books will appear to rest on a bar of sleek black plywood that bends downward (perhaps under the weighty ideas written on those pages). But instead of sliding off, the shelf’s hidden hardware keeps your books defying gravity and easily accessible for use.

A very cool thing!

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Things We Love – 3 Neat Things for Busy Youngsters

Here are a few fun product finds for busy, busy kids…

Tube Toys
Tube Toys
These imagination-driven, push-along toys take green vehicles to a smaller level. The smartly designed car, fire truck, tractor and train engine are made from recyclable and earth-friendly materials. Their convertible packaging transforms into the toy itself, reducing waste to a single piece of recyclable paper. Little road warriors will have fun assembling their new wheels and applying the included stickers, and can play with them as-is or add their own decorative flair.
Available online from Uncommon Goods (Uncommon Goods discounts, deals, and specials are here.)

Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat
Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat
The GoPod is an ultra lightweight portable activity seat developed as an alternative to bulky stationary activity centers. Its one-of-a-kind ‘mobility design’ makes it a must have for in-home or travel needs. As living spaces are getting smaller and lives are busier the GoPod sets the standards for both worlds perfectly. Simply fold and go! Type: Activity Centers Age: Infant Gender: Unisex Color: Sorbet Color Mapping: Green
Available from 

Schoenhut Musician Bundle (Piano, Drums, Guitar)
Schoenhut Musician Bundle (Piano, Drums, Guitar)
This 3 piece bundle by Schoenhut features an Acoustic 6-String Guitar, 5-Piece Drum Set, and 25-Key Traditional Spinet Piano. This is a bundle your little musician is sure to love!
Available online from Get BabyAge coupons here.


Uncommon Goods for Mother’s Day

I just got the latest Uncommon Goods catalog in the mail, and – as always – there are some perfectly delightful gift ideas for Mother’s Day that I couldn’t help but share.

A few of my favorites:

Glass Memory Locket
This glass pendant is ready for you to fill. You can show faces on both sides of the frame. Or you can let your creativity go crazy, with a tiny collage of photos, keepsakes, and objects. You can change the goodies inside as often as you like. Try love notes, quotes, prayers, drawings, sand sea shells, wildflowers, whatever you want. The closure is magnetic.

Custom-Made Family & Friends Platter
This platter builds an already-beautiful earthenware ceramic into a touching centerpiece. Choose up to 20 names to display (or 20 words of your choice). The center name in the middle can be up to 10 characters. Your piece will be handmade and handpainted by Sheree Burlington in New Hampshire. (As you can imagine, this one takes some extra time. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, so this one won’t be ready in time for this Mother’s Day). Still we think it’s gorgeous.

Okay, one more:


Renewal Tree Globes
Six inches in diameter, these gorgeous globes are hand-blown in Canada from glass artist Stephen Kitras. You’ll delight at the inner trunk and branches and the vibrant colors in the tree’s canopy will catch light and cast color into the room.

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“Plantable” wrapping paper embedded with wildflower seeds

Blooming Wrapping Paper

Thus far, wrapping paper’s sole purpose has been to make gifts look pretty. But this beautiful gift wrap paper is a present all in itself. Each handmade paper roll is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds, such as catchfly, english snapdragon, cornpoppy, and black eyed susan.

The paper is a crisp clean white with the choice of light green or brown antique suns and the words “water me” on the paper. It’s a lovely, natural alternative from the flashy glossy world of gift wrap.

Your gift recipients will love planting the biodegradable paper and watching the seeds grow into a bright garden. Plus this wrapping paper doesn’t create waste like other ones do. Made in Colorado. Available in coffee or chartreuse colored print, from Uncommon Goods.

Learn more about “Blooming Wrapping Paper”

See more items from this one-of-a-kind online store.

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Things we love – Making Food Faces

Ms. Food Face Plate
Good taste is a matter of play with this foodie-forward plate that just might make it easier for your toddler to sit down at the table. Endless ways to play “dress up” makes mealtime fun for your little miss by encouraging creative ways to use everyday foods as eyes, lips, hair, earrings or any imaginative add-on your little chomper can imagine. Mashed potato pearls? Sunny-side sunglasses? Broccoli bouffant? Your picky little eaters are sure to work up an appetite getting their creative juices flowing.  Comes with six stylish suggestions for playing with your food.

Mr. Food Face Plate
Naturally, there’s one for the boys, too. Inspired by the beloved Wooly Willy children’s toy.

Both the Mr. and Ms. varieties are Food-safe ceramic. Made in China. Machine washable, and dishwasher and microwave safe. Sold individually.

From Uncommon Goods > (One of our absolute favorite sites for gifts and creative goodies.)

How to Boom Boom

Boom Boom Cards

These cards help you to go beyond random acts of kindness – to create intentional acts of kindness.

This is a set of 26 cards, each featuring a creative idea for intentional acts of kindness. You’ll find yourself  writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments, and more.

And then use the cards to create a chain reaction of covert kindness…

How to Boom Boom!

1) Do the revolutionary act of kindness on the card.

2) Go to and tell your story and upload pictures and video.

3) Pass the card on to anyone (a friend, a stranger, your mom).

4) Follow your card on the website’s map as it moves across the globe!

Boom Boom Cards were created by Mary Beth Campbell and Helene Scott to incite an “uprising of guerilla goodness.” Click here to read more of the story of Boom Boom.

Set comes with calling card note pad, mini pencil and canvas carrying case.

Boom Boom cards are offered by Uncommon Goods. While this online store rarely offers coupon codes, we publish promotions and discounts from Uncommon Goods whenever available on the momscape site here.