Things I’m Loving Right Now: Fruit Infusion Pitcher


fruit-infusion-pitcherOne of my favorite gifts this year was this Fruit Infusion Pitcher. (Okay, I bought it for myself, wrapped it and put it under the tree with a tag to myself. I even feigned surprise when I opened it. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that.)

Anyway, I’m one of those moms who dilutes the kids’ juice to the point where it can’t really be called juice. The kids don’t like that so much. Sometimes I think that when I turn my back, they are slamming back the Simply Orange straight up in great big gulps.

So I got this Infusion Pitcher mostly with me in mind, but, turns out, the kids love it, too. There’s an “infusion rod” in the center of this acrylic pitcher in which you insert your choice of sliced fruit. (We love oranges and lemons – and occasionally strawberries). Then you can fill and refill the pitcher using the same fruits in the center. The holes in the infusion rod are small enough that no seeds or rinds get through. I read a good suggestion on the reviews for this product, which I’m going to try: add some fresh rosemary or lavender instead of (or in addition to) fruit.

The result is a delicious and subtle, natural flavor to your water. Yum! And when water is appetizing, it sure is easier to drink those 8 – 8 ouncers.

You can get it from and also from ( has it for 20% off, at the time of this writing.)