Things We Love – The Giving Tee


Tiny Revolutionary has just launched its “Giving Tee” line of tees fashioned with charitable giving in mind.

All of the styles you see below are available in all sizes, from infant to an adult size XL. They are produced sweat-shop free and with non-toxic and waterbased inks.

“We want to make super cool fashion tees that mean something,” says founder BreeAnne Clodus. “Whether it’s to promote education in countries affected by the AIDS virus or provide musical instruments and lessons to homeless kids, our goal is to make the world a better place for all, through enriching the lives of our kids.”

Check ‘em out:

Save a Child’s Heart: provides life-saving heart surgeries to babies and children in poor and war torn countries. $44 retail price with $20 donation with a sale of only 500 shirts that can fully fund a child’s surgery and save a life.

One Village at a Time: to provide education and support to struggling communities in Africa, particularly those hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. $30 retail price with $10 donation that provides food, medical care and education to children orphaned and infected by the AIDS virus.

Hands to Hearts International: makes the world a better by sharing critical knowledge about early childhood development to communities compromised by poverty and conflict. $35 retail price with $20 donation that pays for all materials to conduct a thorough training session for an entire village of caregivers, who eventually save lives as orphanages who receive this training report a massive decline in infant mortality and illness.

Tiny Revolutionary also has a “Tiny Bucks” program for charity. When you make a purchase, you earn one dollar per item and you get to choose the recipient (from a short list of approved partners) at checkout.

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