Good Summer Food

Summer is a great time to pare down your daily diet so you’re getting what you need to stay active, refreshed and cool all at the same time.

Here are some tips to getting the best nutrition with a variety of summer food choices.

Tip #1 – Stay hydrated
The summer sun can drain your energy after a full day outdoors. To combat water lost, it is essential to take in enough water each day. Tomorrow, we’ll bring you a few recipes and ideas to help you jazz up plain water, without adding sugar. Subscribe to Momscape’s RSS feed so you don’t miss tips or updates.

Tip #2- Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
Fresh foods contain a higher percentage of nutrients. There are a number of fruits that have a high water content. Consuming them increases your fluid intake without really trying. Vegetables that are in season during the summer contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is filling and helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Tip #3 – Eat enough protein
Protein is a building block of healthy muscle tissue. Eating a little at each meal helps with that sweet craving. Find it in nuts and other plant sources if you want a break from animal protein. Another good choice is fish and seafood.

Tip #4 – Consume foods high in potassium
Many of us are deficient in this electrolyte. If you feel cramping in your legs while you are running, lack of potassium could be the culprit. Without it, you may experience confusion, fatigue, cramping and even heart problems. Begin your healthier intake of potassium today with foods such as bananas, cantaloupe and green leafy vegetables.

Tip #5 – Incorporate cooler summer foods
Have you ever had a cool glass of water after a hard day of physical activity? The coolness trickles down your insides like water over rocks. The same can happen when you eat meals consisting of fresh and raw foods.

Tip #6 – Eat smaller portions
Eating a large meal can put us in a “tryptophan coma.” Instead of feeling refueled you are sluggish and tired for hours. Nibbling on smaller portions throughout the day not only keeps the metabolism stoked but also keeps you feeling full. There is less chance of overeating when you are satisfied.
Summertime doesn’t just involve changing your clothing but changing the way that you fuel your body. If you want to feel recharged even in the heat, feed your body well.

In our next couple of posts, we’ll bring you recipes and ideas for summer drinks and summer snacks: two things that everyone seems to enjoy even more in the busy, warmer months.

In the meantime, here are some recipe books and recipes for delicious summer food:

Under the Olive Tree: Italian Summer Food
Under the Olive Tree: Italian Summer Food
Price: $22.53
Saluting family, life, and food, this inspirational journey follows the memories, sights, smells, and tastes of the author’s hometown in Lugano and Costa Smeralda, Italy. With stunning photographs providing the backdrop, readers soak up the essence of the region surrounding Lugano-an elegant city clinging to the edges of a Swiss lake near the northern Italian border-and the sapphire seas of Costa Smeralda in Sadegna, Italy. Culture seekers and lovers of fine cuisine will enjoy mouth-watering regional recipes, from salami and mountain cheeses with red wine hailing from the southern Swiss valleys, to the Sardinian fare of pasta cushions filled with potato and wild mint. Dessert recipes are also featured, including the Semifreddo Di Miele Amaro, a soft ice cream from the harbors of the Mediterranean.

The Summer Shack Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Shore Food
The Summer Shack Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Shore Food
Price: $16.44
With Lobsters at Home, Jasper White’s Cooking from New England, 50 Chowders, and this book, Summer Shack restaurant impresario Jasper White seems to be building his own seafood cookbook section. The Summer Shack Cookbook might its piece de resistance. This 500-plus-page shore food cookbook provides over 200 seafood recipes, plus a tantalizing supplement of all-American classics like Fried Chicken and Strawberry Pie. It’s a summer vacation in itself.