Things We Love | SPIBelt – the Small Personal Items Belt for Runners

I love to run, but I don’t like to have things in my pockets, and I don’t like to hold things in my hands. At the very least, I need my iPhone and my car keys, and, lately, I’ve taken to carrying a small canister of bear spray due to very, very large footprints I’ve come across on my daily route.

This¬†SPIbelt (that’s short for Small Personal Items belt) fits the bill nicely. It’s like a fanny pack, without the fanny:

SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt - Great for Runners!

Invented and manufactured in Austin, Texas, the SPIbelt has caught on as a great accessory for runners and non-athletes. It features Spandex and elastic stretch material that will fit your waist and all your small items. The length of the zipper is just 6 inches, but don’t let that fool you. This pack will expand in all directions to hold everything you need:¬† your iPod, Blackberry, cell phone, keys, GU packs, wallet, and more. The SPIbelt is designed so the goodies in your belt don’t bounce, ride, or shift while running or doing other activities.

Beyond your daily run, you can use your SPIbelt for sporting events, traveling, carrying diabetic supplies, shopping, and more.

Available in: Black, Black w/ Lt. Pink Zipper, Black w/ Dk. Pink Zipper, Blue, Olive, Polka Dots, Red, Turquoise, and Reflective.

Made in the USA and available as seen above for $19.95, as well as in a waterproof version for $28.95 (Prices subject to change.)

The SPIbelt is available online here from (Get coupons here.)