Healthy Treats – Stay Cool with These Healthy Summer Treats Recipes

When you want a cool, tasty treat on a sizzling summer day, you may be tempted to reach for the ice cream.

And sometimes you should.

But for those other times, here are some healthy summer treat recipes and ideas that you and your kids will love.

Freeze some fruit
* Grapes, blueberries and strawberries make fantastic snacks fresh from the freezer. This is a trick that many dieters say helps to curb their cravings. It’s also nice to have a stash of frozen fruits because, when you make smoothies from frozen fruit, you get a super frosty treat.
* Chunked up watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple are also very good frozen. And also good in smoothies.
* Sliced peaches, nectarines, and kiwis can be frozen on wax paper-covered trays. Once they are frozen, pull the slices off the trays and pop them in Ziploc bags.

Puree some Fruit
* Freeze fruit puree or straight-up fruit juice into ice cube trays. When you’re ready for a fizzy drink, place several fruit cubes in a glass and add plain soda water.

Make Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches
Frozen yogurt is lower in fat than ice cream.  Soften some of your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, then dollop some between two whole-grain graham crackers. Freeze for a few hours or overnight and enjoy. (The longer they’re frozen, the softer the crackers will get.)

Make an Icy Granite
Mix together 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup evaporated cane juice for 5 minutes. While it’s cooling, puree 2 cups of frozen strawberries. When the syrup is cool, add the pureed berries. Stir and pour into a metal cake pan. Freeze. Scrape or “fluff” the granite every so often with a fork as it freezes. These Icy Granites are good in a variety of flavors – from lemon to coffee to chocolate.

Make Popsicles

Get some good Popsicle molds and make some healthy Popsicles. ( has some nice Popsicle molds, and they always have good coupon codes, so check for coupons here before you purchase.) Homemade popsicles can be as simple as frozen juice or frozen fruit purees. If you love creamsicles, try pureeing fruit, yogurt, vanilla, and honey and spoon the mixture into your popsicle molds.

Here are few more recipes for healthy summer treats:

Low-Fat Blueberry Popsicles

4 cups fresh blueberries (or other berries)
1/3 cup fine sugar
1 cup low-fat plain yogurt
Place blueberries in a bowl and crush with a potato masher. Add the sugar and combine well. Stir in the yogurt and mix until well combined. Pour mixture into 8 Popsicle molds and put into the freezer.

Yogurt Popsicle Treat
2 ½ cups plain low-fat yogurt
2 small bananas
2/3 cup frozen orange juice concentrate (undiluted)
Combine yogurt, bananas and orange juice in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into Popsicle containers and put in freezer.

Mango and Raspberry Frozen Smoothie
½ cup non-fat vanilla yogurt
½ cup fresh mango, cut into cubes
½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
Mint leaves
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with mint leaves.

And to top it all off, here’s one recipe that is not at all healthy!

Cherry Pineapple Frozen Treats

1 – 21 ounce can cherry pie filling
1 – 20 ounce can crushed pineapple, drained
1 – 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
1 – 8 ounce whipped topping, thawed

Combine all ingredients and pour into a 9 X 13″ pan. Cover and freeze. When you’re ready to serve, combine into one large bowl or cut into squares and serve. Keep cool by refrigerating. Serves 12.

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