Teach Your Kids about Election Day: Books and Apps


Election time can be such a busy time. As moms, we’re trying to sort out all of the candidates and issues for ourselves, both locally and nationally, but we want to keep our children informed and involved in the process, as well.

In our family, we’ve started a new tradition of recording the Presidential debates as well as the national evening newscast through our DVR, so that – once the homework is finished, we can all sit down and watch the coverage. We like to speed through the commercials, and we find ourselves pausing the broadcast frequently to explain things or give extra background information. It takes a good deal of time each evening (and, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t actually happen EVERY evening), but every little bit helps. Any kind of dialogue we can have with our kids over the candidates and the issues facing our country is time well spent.

On that note, here are a few fun books and apps and to help teach kids of all ages about voting and the founding of this country.

Disney American Presidents App

From Disney Publishing Worldwide. Available online for $3.99
A fresh, new way to learn about the extraordinary men who inhabited the oval office and set the course for our country, just in time for the Presidential elections and inauguration! Sit in the oval office and flip through the Unofficial Scrapbook—you’ll find plenty of amazing stories and new perspectives about the men who helped shape our nation on the windy road to our modern Presidential elections.
Platforms: iOS


Grace for President
Grace for President
Available online from Amazon.com for $15.99
Where are the girls?” When Grace’s teacher reveals that the United States has never had a female president, Grace decides to be the first. And she immediately starts off her political career as a candidate the school’s mock election. But soon, she realizes that she has entered a tough race. Her popular opponent claims to be the “best man for the job”-and seems to have captured all the male votes-while Grace concentrates on being the best person. In this timely story, author Kelly DiPucchio not only gives readers a fun introduction to the American electoral system, but also teaches them the value of hard work, courage, and independent thought-and offers an inspiring example of how to choose our leaders.


Phineas and Ferb #10: Ride the Voter Coaster!
Phineas and Ferb #10: Ride the Voter Coaster!
Available online from amazon.com for $5.99
When a junior mayor election is announced in Danville, Phineas and Ferb decide to run against each other! This 8×8 features an original story and a pull-out poster.


John, Paul, George & Ben
John, Paul, George & Ben
Available online from Amazon for $12.23
Once there were four lads. John [Hancock], Paul [Revere], George [Washington], and Ben [Franklin]. Oh yes, there was also Tom [Jefferson], but he was annoyingly independent and hardly ever around. These lads were always getting into trouble for one reason or another. In other words, they took a few. liberties. And to be honest, they were not always appreciated. This is the story of five little lads before they became five really big Founding Fathers.

Things We Love – Mogul Mom (How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business and Join the Work at Home Revolution)

Mogul Mom - How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Mom Revolution (Mogul Mom Work-at-Home Book Series)
Mogul Mom – How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Mom Revolution (Mogul Mom Work-at-Home Book Series)
Where to buy: www.amazon.com
Review by: ACMMom

Becoming a parent to a newborn is something that changes your life forever. After taking time off work for the first months and then facing the prospect of leaving your baby with ‘strangers’ to go back to a 9-5 job might be quite scary. At this point you might be thinking/dreaming of starting your own business, making some money from home so you can be there for your baby. It’s not an easy decision to make to let go of your regular pay check to start something new and unknown. However, if you have what it takes, running your own business is very rewarding and is more likely to fit around your baby and family.

“Mogul Mom” is a motivating book (available in both paperback and Kindle editions) to read if you are interested in reading about other women’s experiences of starting their own business. The book isn’t a step-by-step guide on getting it off the ground, but it is a book full of information and inspirational stories of women entrepreneurs. Reading through their various profiles will give you valuable food for thought to become your own boss. It allows you to pick out the best of all that made them successful and avoid the mistakes they made along the way.

Overall, this is a very motivational book for women by women entrepreneurs in how to become a confident and successful entrepreneur. No more commuting, rushing out of the door and pestering bosses. Instead you’ll be able to put your energy into raising your family and growing your business.

Read more about this title from Amazon:
Mogul Mom – How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Mom Revolution (Mogul Mom Work-at-Home Book Series)
No More Office. No More Commute. No More Missing Time With Your Kids. Working outside the home is one of the hardest things a mother can do. You’re away from your kids, you have less time to handle household responsibilities, and you can’t enjoy family time when you are home because you’re exhausted! Within this book you’ll find both information and inspiration to remove you from this “rat race” and start successfully working at home! You’ll learn: – How to decide, without any risk, if working from home is right for you and your family. – The best way to choose a work-at-home business you’ll love! – A quick and easy way to set up your home business (and start making money) – Where to attract clients. and how to keep them coming back! – What you must know about your first year of business (This will keep you stress-free and guarantee success!) – How to manage your time so both your family and business are taken care of – The “self-care” balance – Exactly how to take care of your body, mind, and spirit Also included are personal interviews and profiles of 33 successful work-at-home moms. These women are just like you and share their candid and honest experiences about building a business from home. You’ll be inspired by their stories of self-empowerment and get ideas for your own work-at-home business. If working from home is something you’ve dreamed of, but you haven’t quite taken the leap, this book will show you exactly what you need to do to make it happen. Andrea Clayton is a former office manager who left the 9-to-5 world to work from home as a freelance writer. She lives in San Diego with her husband and three young children.

Putumayo – Music from the Coffee Lands

Putumayo’s Music from the Coffee Lands (CD)
Where to buy: amazon.com
Review by: ACMom

Putumayo’s Music from the Coffee Lands is the perfect accompaniment to your next steaming cup of fairtrade coffee. This collection of beautiful music from coffee-growing countries and regions, such as Peru, Jamaica, Brazil and Colombia, will have you dreaming of distant lands where coffee beans grow.

Some of the artists and songs you hear are: Café Tacuba “Esa Noche” (Mexico), Los Tradicionales de Carlos Puebla “Dilema” (Cuba) and Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca “La Milonga” (Congo).

The music is funky, lively and easy to listen to for the whole family.  This would be a great addition to a coffee lover’s gift basket.

Compare and get the best prices on this title >

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Putumayo’s Music from the Wine Lands and
Putumayo’s Music from the Chocolate Lands

Things we love: Design-Your-Own Flip Video Camera

Design-Your-Own Flip Video Camera!

The Flip video camera just got even cooler.

You can actually design your own Flip – using your own photograph!

You start by selecting the Flip video camera model you want (Ultra MD, Mino HD, or Slide HD – you’ll see the specifications and prices on the site so you can make the choice that makes the most sense for you.)

Then you upload the image (JPG or PNG) that you want to appear on your flip. You’ll review your layout and there you go. It’s a super easy, super memorable gift idea!

To get started: Click this link and then select “Design Your Own” to see all the personalization options available to you.

And here’s a $10 off coupon for you: Get $10-off a new Flip UltraHD video camera. Now with image stabilization & fully designable! Free Shipping. Code: Flip10

Book Recommendation – Green Crafts for Children

green crafts for kids

Book Recommendation: Green Crafts for Children: 35 Step-by-Step Projects Using Natural, Recycled, And Found Materials
Where to buy: www.amazon.com
Review by: ACGMama

Green Crafts for Children is fun green craft book for pre-teens. It features 35 easy projects, each of which could make an ideal gift for family and friends.

The projects included will give your kids hours and hours of enjoyment and they are inexpensive to make because they use materials easily found in and around your home and garden, or even on walks in the woods or trips to the beach.

Your kids will be delighted to create something fun out of old wrapping paper, buttons, shells, pine cones and other bits and pieces they can find. I am sure that your children will play over and over again with their handmade driftwood boat. And I am also certain that you would love to receive a beautifully painted stone from your last trip to the beach or a felt necklace.

Also included in the book are recipes on salt dough as well as other useful tips and advice.

Crafting enhances your kids’ imagination and creativity. This book will inspire them to be creative and keeping boredom at bay. I would certainly recommend it to any family.

Learn more about this title >

Gorgeous Photo Calendars from Indie Designers

Minted.com has just launched a line of the most gorgeous photo calendars I’ve ever laid eyes on. And they are affordable, too. Photo calendars are available in two sizes: Standard is 8.5×11 and costs $29, and then there’s the Grande version, which is 11.5×14, and costs $44.

These photo calendars come with premium textured paper, rounded corners and beautiful, unique designs from indie designers. (See our writeup of minted.com’s holiday cards from last year.)

As with everything on the minted.com site, adding your photos is a piece of cake, and customer service is second to none.

Browse ‘em all at the Minted.com website >

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Minted Brand Badge

Petunia Pickle Bottom is now at Target.com

I love Petunia Pickle Bottom, and now Target.com is offering these Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags – and they are super affordable, too!

Just $50 buys you one of these:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clever Carryall Diaper Bag in ModDot
Features: Zip Closure, Storage Pockets, Cell Phone Pocket, 4 Interior Pockets, 2 Exterior Side Pockets, Open Interior Pocket, Bottle Pocket, Wipeable Liner, Changing Pad.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Clever Carryall Diaper Bag in Tulip

Don’t forget to check out Target.com coupons and specials before you buy, like this one:

Target Coupon
Save $5 Off $50 at Target.com
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Iris Satchel by Prana

Iris Satchel by Prana

Iris Satchel by Prana

We love this satchel. Its Edelweiss embroidery is reminiscent of a sweet summer day in the alps. Made of hemp and recycled PET, it has faux suede straps and an internal pocket.

From Prana and available through one of our favorite online retailers, Athleta.com

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Things we Love: Family Adventure Travel ala the Discovery Channel

If your family gets hooked into those Discovery Channel shows like we do, you’ll love this!

The Discovery Channel has just launched a brand new adventure travel company: Discovery Adventures.

Tour themes tie in with places featured on Discovery Channel programs such as Man vs. Wild, Out of Egypt, Discovery Atlas, Dirty Jobs and Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein.

As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to explore ruins and historic sites, as well as to do volunteer work in the destinations and experience local cultures. And Discovery Adventures says all trips are suitable for families.

These adventures will be going to destinations including Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, the Amazon, the Galapagos, India, Thailand, Cambodia, China, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Alaska and the U.S. Southwest.

Itineraries range from cruises and safaris to exploring the ancient civilizations of the Incas, the Egyptians and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Departures began in December. The trips run from three to 24 days and are being offered in partnership with the tour company Gap Adventures. Prices start at $800 per person, including lodging, breakfast and some other amenities. Airfare is extra. Groups will be small, just six to 15 people depending on the destination.

Here’s the first adventure:

Travel to the Galapagos Islands with Andy DeHart

Exclusive departure: June 19, 2010

View all trips from Discovery Adventures

Things We Love: Design-it-Yourself Gift Baskets

Design It Yourself Gifts and Baskets

Review by: AMCMom

Where to buy: www.designityourselfgiftbaskets.com

Gift baskets make wonderful and unique presents. And this site allows you to build your own custom gift baskets, so they are just right for your recipient.

First, you’ll select a theme (from chocolate lovers, coffee lovers, new baby, wine enthusiasts, and more – you’ll even find more unusual themes like “flavors of Texas.”)

Then you’ll choose a container – from leather boxes to wicker baskets to cool antique-looking trunks. Then you’ll fill it with a range of different specialty and gourmet items – everything from wine to delicious chocolates and other food delicacies to  themed coffee mugs, balloons and stuffed animals.

Of course, you can also purchase the site’s Standard Gift Baskets, where you opt for a standardized already made-up gift basket, such as Baby Gift Basket or the Chocolate Gift Basket.

Or you can take the Gift Express Option, which allows you to choose a budget and an occasion and the company will handpick appropriate items.

Whether you are looking for the perfect basket for a loved one or even a corporate gift, Design It Yourself Gifts and Baskets is a fun site to browse.

Go to www.designityourselfgiftbaskets.com for more information.