Ethical Bean Coffee

ethical bean coffee
Ethical Bean Coffee

Featured recently in Oprah’s Favorite Things, this fair trade, certified organic coffee is artfully created by coffee artisans in Vancouver in a variety of roasts: from “Rocket fuel” to mellow; lush to “sweet espresso.”

And while it is quite delicious, we think the coolest thing is this: Ethical Bean allows you to discover the unique story of your individual bag of coffee, from the coffee plant to your cup.

Each bag of coffee has an “emark” sticker, which you can scan via a free app for your iPhone or Blackberry – or you can simply type in the Lot Number on your bag at the Ethical Bean website.

You’ll discover such details as where your coffee was grown and who picked it as well as details on the cupping, scoring and roasting process.

Learn more about Ethical Bean Coffee at the Ethical Bean site, where you can order online and get free shipping.

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