Our New Year’s Eve: Sparkling Strawberry Knudsen’s, Sleeping Bags, and Celebrating Every Tiny Thing

Here’s our rockin’ New Year’s Eve tradition.

We’re all so excited we might have to start early.

First, the five of us have a nice dinner (meaning something that isn’t cereal) and then. afterward, we each get a glass of bubbly. Ty and I get some cheap champagne and the kids get some sparkling Strawberry Knudsen’s juice and we go around and around and around the table talking about things.

When it’s your turn, you say something that you enjoyed over the year, something you are thankful for, or something you want to do in the year ahead (whether it’s a resolution or just a new thing you want to try). You can tell someone you love them or you can say something that’s totally random. No matter what it is, as soon as the person is done talking, we all clap and cheer like we’ve lost our minds.

We keep going like this until we all run out of things to say, which generally takes about 2 hours (really.)

When it’s his turn, my son says the same thing over and over. He’s especially fond of saying “I’m thankful for our house,” “I’m thankful for my neighborhood” and my all-time favorite: “I’m thankful for my mommy.” My oldest has some deep things to say and I can tell she’s been giving it some thought. My middle child giggles a lot and is mostly thankful for her toys and her friends and her dog.

When we’re all done at the table, we turn off all the lights, get in our sleeping bags and squish all together on the living room floor to watch whatever the kids pick out (usually the Nickelodeon New Year Countdown) until they fall asleep.

Each year, they are ambitious; each of them knows they are going to stay up until midnight. And, each year, they fall asleep by the second or third episode of iCarly. It’s the best New Year’s tradition I can imagine.

Happy New Year from our family to yours! 2010 is going to be amazing!

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