Mom’s ‘One Line a Day’ Diary: Today’s Product Pick

Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

For the busy mom-on-the-go, this memory keeper offers a quick and easy way to capture the everyday moments of motherhood. With enough space to record a single thought, a family quote, or a special event each day for five years, this beautiful keepsake makes sure those precious memories will last a lifetime.

Perfect for the mom who feels like she’s too busy to scrapbook, this is a great way to capture those important memories (before they begin to fade.)

It’s not daunting to keep up with this journal, and it makes a great gift for the mom-to-be. (Click here for more Gifts for Her or, in particular, new mom gift ideas.)

The Mom’s Online Line a Day diary is available in hardcover from

“My Heritage” Personalized Book for Kids

my heritage book

My Heritage Book

Children are full of questions:

Why is the sky blue?

Where do I come from?

This beautifully illustrated and educational book allows you to begin introducing them to their own unique cultural heritage.

When you order, you’ll be able to choose up to 4 countries, from which the child’s ancestors came. The “My Heritage Book” will come with information about the countries you’ve selected.

The book is further personalized with your child’s name printed through the book and includes a family tree that you can fill out with your child. The first page of the book includes a letter to the child from the gift-giver, personalized with the child’s first, optional middle, and last names, as well as your chosen date.

The completed book will be between 16  to 33 pages (depending on how many countries you have selected). Click here to see available countries for your Heritage Book.

The My Heritage Book is sold from Red Envelope, which is one of Momscape’s favorite online stores. Click here for to check for current Red Envelope coupons >

Fleurville Sling Tote

Fleurville Sling Tote Diaper Bag - Cocoa Stripe

Fleurville Sling Tote Diaper Bag in Cocoa Stripe

This diaper bag is so darling, it almost makes me want to have another baby. Okay, not really, but it’s nice. Really nice. Maybe I could put my puppy in there and tote her around. That would be cute. Or maybe I could use it as a beach bag.

No matter what you plan to put in there, this diaper bag from Fleurville is particularly nice because you can wear it three ways: as a messenger bag, over your shoulder (as a tote), or attached to your stroller. It’s smaller than the Fleurville MotherShip diaper bag by about 20%, but still big enough to carry just about everything you need – and then some.

If you want to wear it as a messenger bag, it has a padded, adjustable mono-sling. It also has comfortable wide handles for use as a tote. There are a total of 10 pockets, 2 of which are lined with fleece, so they’re perfect for storing your iPod, cell phone and sunglasses. This bag also has an insulated beverage holder, key-clip/carabiner, a Fleurville translucent wipe case and changing cloth.

This bag comes in a variety of colorful prints and color combinations. My personal favorite is the one shown above (Cocoa Stripe) but it also comes in “Botanical Azure” (so poetic) as well as “Black Bouquet,” “Fiesta Flower” and more.

We looked around at a variety of websites and found the best price and best selection for color combinations at Plus, at the time of this writing, they’ll ship orders free when you spend $99 and up. (No coupon code required. See site for details.)

Mother Daughter Aprons

The “Carly” Mother/Daughter Aprons

Oh, these mother/daughter aprons make me happy – conjuring, as they do, memories of me as a child, perched on the countertop, batter up to my elbows, and a beater – ready for licking – in each hand.

For any of you moms (or grandmothers) who cherish the time you spend in the kitchen with your children, these mother/daughter aprons are exuberant – joyful even – with all their pretty frills and florals. Mix up some happy memories and order these to make your baking time even more memorable. (Order a third apron to make a great gift for grandma!)

Also available in the Adeline print:

The “Adeline” Mother/Daughter Aprons

These are from Uncommon Goods, an online gift catalog that is unrivaled in its creativity and loveliness.

Uncommon Goods seldom (if ever) issues coupon codes, but I’m always trying to help a girl out, so you can find Uncommon Goods promotions on the Momscape site here, so you can check before you order. (This will open in a new window, so you don’t lose your place.)