Creative School Lunch Ideas

My kids are always going on little kicks in their school lunches. On cold days, they love to fill a thermos with steaming hot soup. And now that it’s springtime, we’re making tortilla pinwheels. As the school year wears on, it seems it’s a good time to get re-inspired with fun, healthy lunch ideas for the kids.

Here are some resources from that I find intriguing and inspiring:

Creative School Lunches and Snacks, from Family Fun
This magazine/site takes even simplest things we do for our kids and turns them into an art form. Here are ideas for everything from simple sandwiches to colorful cupcakes. I probably wouldn’t spend so much time in the kitchen each day, but the ideas here are super-creative and would be easy to modify to your lifestyle.

School Lunches From Around the World
My kids loved looking at this gallery. See what kids in different parts of the world are eating at school.

15 Fun Lunchbox Ideas for Kids
The “Peanut Butter Fun Pack” is an idea I use myself, on occasion. But there are also lots of ideas that have never occurred to me – taquitos, falafel balls, and fried rice, for example.

3 uber simple lunches you can make at work in less time than it takes to go out and buy something
Okay, so this resource is more for us adults who crave creative brown bag lunches, but I couldn’t resist including it here. TheStoneSoup blog features recipes with a max of 5 ingredients. The minimalist in me loves this. (And there’s a lot of minimalist in me when it’s time to cook lunch or dinner for my family).

Here are a few more ideas from Momscape on the subject:

Brown Bag Lunch Ideas: Nine Healthy Ideas for Avoiding Packed Lunch Boredom
Spice up a humdrum lunch with pinwheels, finger foods, dips and more.

Innovative Ecofriendly Lunch Containers
Swearing off plastic sandwich bags might be easier than you think.

Cool School Lunches
Pineapple Kabobs, Trail Mix, Kiwi Wraps and more tips from Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers.

Healthy Meals (and Snacks) for Kids
It can be tough to feed kids, especially if they are finicky. Here are some creative tips to help you make sure your kids get a dose of nutrition in each meal.

What’s your favorite healthy brown bag solution?I