Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Cuisipro® Herb Keeper

Cuisipro® Herb Keeper

This is clever.

I love to use fresh herbs whenever possible in my cooking. Problem is, I get inspired at the store with all of the savory meals I think I’m going to cook, I buy the herbs (for a small fortune) and put them in the fridge, and by the time I get around to wanting to use them, they are all sad and dark and limp.

This Herb Keeper by Cuisipro is a great idea.  The suspended tray holds even large bunches of herbs together. The stems of the herbs are immersed in water so they stay hydrated and fresh. The tray rests on interior supports so you can easily access the herbs whenever you need them, and it lifts for easy draining. (The keeper is small enough to fit in refrigerator doors.)

We found this herb keeper at where you can get 2 free samples with any purchase (no coupon code required – click here for details.)