Things We Love – Jambu Shoes

Every year, I look for the perfect summer shoe.

Here are my criteria: It has to look nice with my dressier capris – or even a sundress – but it has to be comfortable enough, “meaty” enough, durable enough, and with enough traction – so that I can keep up with my kids. That means, it has to endure entire, long days of impromptu bike rides, multi-mile walks into town, and hikes in the alpine forest near our home. Plus, the camping and traveling and whatever else the summer has in store.

I’ve long resigned myself to the fact that all those cute strappy sandals are out. But I don’t want to walk around in sneakers or water sandals either.

Two years ago, I found a pair of J41s, and I promised myself never to wear anything else in the summer. So comfortable. So ready-for-anything. So non-stinky. I could walk and walk forever and ever – over any kind of terrain.

But, alas, they are a little expensive, and I wore them out by the end of that summer. So I tried a few (many) substitutes and none were as comfortable. Not nearly. So I decided to bite the bullet and order the shoes again this year.

I soon discovered that a few things have changed: J41 is now Jambu. Several of the shoes come in both mesh and leather, and this year I’m opting for leather. I don’t do much river wading in my shoes, and I am hoping they’ll last a little longer, though I did put many-a-mile on those poor shoes.

Jambu makes shoes that are downright dressy, as well as shoes that are a little more casual than what I like. But they also make the perfect shoes that fall right in the middle. And they are environmentally-minded, too.  Jambu outsoles are made with partially recycled and re-usable compressed rubber. Many shoes come with a memory foam footbed, which enhances your comfort all day long.

Now, it’s pretty hard to find these on sale. (Trust me!) Occasionally, you can find them on clearance at, but generally only in obscure colors and sizes. For me – a size 9 who wants ‘em in black – I’ve never had any luck.

The best you can do, usually, is to order them from a site where you can find a shoes coupon code ( or a site that offers free overnight shipping (

Here are four of my favorites from the summer Jambu line.

Jambu Women's Plum Slip-On

Jambu Women’s Plum Slip-On

Love the contoured insole and breathable leather upper, plus the rubber traction sole.

Jambu Women's Taurus Sandal
Jambu Women’s Taurus Sandal

The leather upper features cutouts and contrast stitching, and the Velcro ankle strap holds your foot in place.

Jambu Women's Cherry Sandal
Jambu Women’s
Cherry Sandal
Available in leather and mesh, in a variety of colors.

Jambu Women's Stingray Fisherman Sandal

Jambu Women’s Stingray Fisherman Sandal

These are the shoes I just ordered from Endless (except mine are black). So they’ll ship overnight for free.

Now if it would just stop snowing in the Colorado Rockies, I’ll be able to wear them! We can’t wait for summer around here!