6 Tips for a Healthier Superbowl Party

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Drumsticks 2Trying to steer clear of Super Bowl temptation in the form of high-calorie drinks, wings and nachos may be more challenging than avoiding the blitz. But don’t worry: “As long as you choose wisely, you can enjoy the game—and the food—without blowing your calorie budget,” says exercise physiologist Bob Greene.

Greene, Oprah’s diet and fitness expert, author of the bestselling The Best Life Diet and founder of the popular weight loss program TheBestLife.com, serves up healthy Super Bowl recipes and other tips that will leave you even fitter by the end of the game.

TheBestLife.com’s 6 Tips for a Healthy Super Bowl Party:

•           Whip up Healthier “Football Bash” Bites: Instead of fried chicken wings—try a baked version. Use ground turkey instead of beef in your chili. Opt for kale chips, which are so nutrient-packed that they’d make a regular potato chip crumble. Buffalo (bison) burgers make a leaner burger than standard beef. Need more ideas? Check out TheBestLife.com for all kinds of recipes that are lower in calories (and far healthier) than your favorite party food.

•           Wrap It up Green Style: Lettuce wraps make for the perfect sandwich base for people who are looking for a meal that’s lower in carbs. Instead of a bun, try eating your bison burger on a crispy romaine lettuce leaf.

•           “WOD” Your Super Bowl: CrossFit’s Workout of the Day (WOD) is taking off around the country, and the fast-paced exercises done in 30-second intervals fit perfectly into those commercial breaks and halftime. Create a little competition of your own: Divide your guests into teams and see who can do the most push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and more.

•           De-Fat Your Dips: Instead of sour cream—use 0 percent Greek yogurt to cut calories but still keep the consistency of your favorite party dip. Other healthy dip ideas: guacamole, hummus and/or salsa.

•           Snack on Fruits and Vegetables. Your team falling behind? Reaching for a crunchy carrot stick can help release frustration. Red pepper and celery also make for good finger foods, as do grapes and clementines.

•           Try Seltzer-Based Juice “Mocktails” Instead of Beer: To help stick to the recommended alcohol limit (one drink for women, two for men), have cold sparkling water on hand. Look for flavored varieties with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can even show your team spirit by opting for a drink in the right color: blueberry or blackberry seltzer if you’re rooting for the Ravens; raspberry and strawberry for all you 49er fans.

“Super Bowl parties are a fun American tradition where people can spend an afternoon enjoying a great game with friends and family,” says Bob Greene, creator of The Best Life. “It doesn’t have to be a chore to make it a healthy event, and TheBestLife.com offers fantastic advice and recipes for all who visit,” he added.

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