Christening Gift Ideas


Guest Post by Rebecca Jensen.
Rebecca is a blogger and freelance writer who loves writing about sewing, baby fashion, faith, and preserving memories. She currently writes for the handmade christening gown christening gown supplier

A baptism or christening is a special and significant event, marking the entry of a child into the path of faith. As per usual with such events, the child and the parents are presented with gifts to celebrate this milestone in their lives, and for friends, family, and well-wishers, the question becomes: What do we get them? As with any gift, what you choose will depend on both what the recipient is like and on your budget and preferences, but here are a few ideas—traditional and not-as-traditional—to get you started.

Children’s Bible, Children’s Book of Bible Stories: This kind of gift is by far one of the most popular for this particular occasion. The baptism has just taken place, symbolizing the entry into a life of devotion to God; what could be more fitting than to give a gift that helps foster that devotion? Bibles and books of Bible stories geared toward children can be very visually appealing and help the child learn lessons from the word of God even when they are very young.

Christian Jewelry: Sterling silver jewelry is a classic choice because it can be personalized and serves as a beautiful and lasting keepsake of the event. Popular choices include bracelets with the baby’s name (these can be for mom too!), cross pendants, or other jewelry with charms of religious significance. Keepsake boxes are also bought in addition to jewelry to help keep track of it until the child is old enough to appreciate it. Depending on the religious denomination, a child’s rosary might also be a fitting gift in this category.

Memory book: A memory book is not necessarily christening specific; it can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Friends and family can write letters to the child and memories of their special day, and later the parents of the child can add pictures and keepsakes to complete this customized and cherished gift.

Keepsake toys: Silver rattles are a popular choice. Plush toys, like soft lambs or bears, are a softer and more cuddly option. Of course, when choosing plush toys, check for any parts that may fall off (or be chewed off) that may pose a choking hazard. Make sure the toy is wire-free, sturdily constructed, and washable, if possible, to endure lots of hugging.

Photo-related items: Photo-related items are a given for any memorable occasion. Photo frames and albums give the parents of the child a way to preserve and display memories of this special day. A picture of Jesus to place in the child’s room might be a thoughtful gift as well.

Shadow box: Shadow boxes are another form of memory gift that have limitless possibilities. A shadow box can be a beautiful way to display the christening gown and other mementos from the christening day.

Savings bond: Presenting a savings bond to the parents for their child is more practical than sentimental, but can be of lasting value and symbolizes your concern and care for the child’s future and seeing him or her through life.

There are many options available for christening gifts, but whatever you choose, remember that if you present it with thoughtfulness and love, your gift will be appreciated by those who receive it.

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Cool Things – SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards

For more than 25 years, SpaFinder has been helping people find just-right spa experiences. Now, they are helping people journey further down the path to a wellness with a redesigned mission: You can now redeem your SpaFinder Gift Cards at not just spas, but at yoga and Pilates studios, as well as personal training locations across the country.

Love it!

At the new SpaFinder Wellness site, you’ll be able to navigate through (and give as gifts) thousands of new ways to enhance the body and mind. You can find, book online, and buy gift cards for thousands of yoga and Pilates studios, fitness clubs, spas, weight loss programs, wellness providers, and more.

Whether it’s a barre class, a boot camp or a spa service, you’ll find something for everyone on your list. You can print the gift certificate instantly, have  a gift card mailed, or email a spafinder wellness gift certificate – so it’s a great last minute gift, too!

141742_SpaFinder Wellness Logo_120x60
Give the Gift of Wellness!

Redeem your SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card at thousands of spas, yoga and Pilates studies, and personal training locations across the country.

And here’s a coupon code to get you going!

Buy One SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card, Get One 20% Off ENJOY20
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Things We Love – The Giving Tee


Tiny Revolutionary has just launched its “Giving Tee” line of tees fashioned with charitable giving in mind.

All of the styles you see below are available in all sizes, from infant to an adult size XL. They are produced sweat-shop free and with non-toxic and waterbased inks.

“We want to make super cool fashion tees that mean something,” says founder BreeAnne Clodus. “Whether it’s to promote education in countries affected by the AIDS virus or provide musical instruments and lessons to homeless kids, our goal is to make the world a better place for all, through enriching the lives of our kids.”

Check ‘em out:

Save a Child’s Heart: provides life-saving heart surgeries to babies and children in poor and war torn countries. $44 retail price with $20 donation with a sale of only 500 shirts that can fully fund a child’s surgery and save a life.

One Village at a Time: to provide education and support to struggling communities in Africa, particularly those hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. $30 retail price with $10 donation that provides food, medical care and education to children orphaned and infected by the AIDS virus.

Hands to Hearts International: makes the world a better by sharing critical knowledge about early childhood development to communities compromised by poverty and conflict. $35 retail price with $20 donation that pays for all materials to conduct a thorough training session for an entire village of caregivers, who eventually save lives as orphanages who receive this training report a massive decline in infant mortality and illness.

Tiny Revolutionary also has a “Tiny Bucks” program for charity. When you make a purchase, you earn one dollar per item and you get to choose the recipient (from a short list of approved partners) at checkout.

For more information and to see lots more styles, visit

And for more great gift ideas, visit Momscape’s Favorite Gifts Blog.

Things We Love – Zulugrass Jewelry Review and Giveaway {Contest Closed}



Congratulations to Natalia, who won our ZuluGrass Beads of Learning Bracelet. Stay tuned for more Giveaways!

Here’s the story behind Zulugrass Jewelry – and why we love it.

First some background on The Maasai people in Kenya, who handcraft each piece of Zulugrass Jewelry.

The Maasai are a nomadic, pastoral tribe centered in Eastern Africa. For centuries, the majority of a Maasai family income has derived from herding cattle.

After a terrible drought devastated pasture lands, the men of the Maasai were forced to drive the few surviving cattle hundreds of miles north in search of better grazing land – leaving many of the women and children behind.

Philip and Katy Leakey – who live among the Maasai in Kenya – came up with an ingenious idea to help in a way that utilized the skills of the Maasai women while also making use of the area’s sustainable natural resources.

First, they dried and cut the long grasses in the region. These grasses are then dyed rich hues and strung on super-strength elastic. Czech glass beads are added for sparkle and a little contemporary flair. Then the pieces are sold, individually or in multi strand pieces, as Zulugrass Jewelry.

Zulugrass jewelry is lightweight, durable and versatile. The elastic, which is the same that was invented for the movie Spiderman, is said to hold its shape for over six years, even if worn daily in the sun, shower, pool or ocean. This durability means you can wear the colorful strands as a necklace, anklet, bracelet, hair tie, or choker.

The best part is this: The Leakey Collection now offers employment opportunities to more than 1400 Kenyans. The Maasai women work in the shade of acacia trees using mobile work stations.

The products they make – the items in The Leakey Collection – are now available in more than 1200 stores nationwide or online at

The Leakey Collection has given us a Zulugrass Beads of Learning Bracelet to give away to a lucky Momscape winner.

Every Zulugrass Beads for Learning Bracelet has been designed by Maasai artisans to symbolize the bright futures of educated children. The Leakey Collection donates 100% of its profits from the sales of these bracelets to pay for local teachers’ salaries.

To enter to win the Zulugrass Beads for Learning Bracelet

There are multiple ways to enter, but you must comment below after you’ve done these items because that’s how we’ll choose a winner (at random).You needn’t leave a separate comment for each thing. Just tell me which of the items you did in a single comment.


1. Visit The Leakey Collection and tell us, in a the comments section below, which item(s) you like the best: 1 entry

2. Subscribe to Momscape’s RSS feed or email newsletter: 1 entry

3. Like Momscape on Facebook: 1 entry

4. Follow Momscape on Twitter: 1 entry

5. Tweet about this contest with hashtag “#momscape” : 1 entry

(You can even RT this one: New #Momscape #Giveaway: Win a ZuluGrass Beads for Learning Bracelet: )

6. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog: 1 entry

One winner will be drawn on September 29, 2011 using and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification, after which a new winner will be drawn. *No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest open to US Residents only, 18 and over. Official contest rules are here.

And if you – or someone you know – would like to sponsor a contest on Momscape, we want to hear from you! Email susie at

Things We Love – Smallprint Jewelry


Smallprint originated the concept of fingerprint jewelry. With these unique jewelry keepsakes, you can capture a moment in time: the birth of a child, for example, imprinting the tiniest of fingerprints onto a piece of handcrafted silver.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also imprint handprints, footprints, drawings, and writing.

Each custom-made Smallprint piece begins by casting a baby’s or toddler’s fingerprint or other mark in precious metal clay (PMC), a silver powder with a water-soluble, non-toxic binder which burns off when the piece is fired in a kiln, forming solid silver.

SmallPrint jewelry is fine silver (99.9% pure) compared with sterling silver (92.5% pure), which is used for chains, clasps, key fobs and other connective materials requiring extra strength. Each item is handcrafted and hand-finished, providing you with a unique, personalized piece of fine jewelry.

SmallPrint keepsakes are available with single or multiple prints/items. They include charms and bracelets ($55-$220), pendants ($100-$265), dogtags ($100-$190), keychains ($120-$170), cuff links ($130-$160), as well as holiday decorations and religious gifts ($68-$155).

Learn more at

We have also featured SmallPrint Silver Jewelry on our Great Gifts blog here.


Things We Love – Indego Africa


There’s something very satisfying about finding a great gift or something for your home – and then knowing you can feel good about the purchase because it benefits someone else.

File this one under Gifts that Give Back: Indego Africa uses the power of the internet to bring gorgeous fair trade accessories and home decor products to market in the United States, as well as Canada and the UK. These items are crafted by talented women in Rwanda.

Indego Africa pays its artisans in Rwanda a fair trade wage. And 100% of Indego Africa’s profits go back to the artisans for training programs in literacy, business, and computers.

The items available at the Indego Africa shopping site are some of the same items featured at more than 40 high-end U.S. retailers – from Ralph Lauren and Anthopologie to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Purchasing from Indego Africa allows you to directly empower artisans in Rwanda. Through their site, you can shop online or learn more about purchasing Indego Africa items wholesale.

Another thing we love: each item comes with a hangtag featuring the name and signature of the artisan. Your artisan’s photo and biography are available on the Indego Africa website.

Featured at Anthropologie in Fall 2010 and in the NY Times Style magazine, the Knit Hood can be worn loosely as a cowl, closer to the neck as a scarf, or can be pulled over the head to act as a hood.


Things we love – Energizer Inductive Charger

 Energizer Qi Inductive Charger

Things We Love: Energizer Qi Inductive Charger

I’m notoriously bad at remembering to charge my iPhone. Too often, when I go to use it, I get a low battery warning. I’m not taking all the blame here. I know this has something to do with the fact that my son, who likes to indulge in a little Angry Birds action between bike rides and soccer games, can drain my battery when I’m not even looking.

Enter the Energizer Inductive Charger. This thing is quite a cool gadget because it gives me an easy cord-free way to charge my phone. Using the power of “Qi” (pronounced chee), this is a kind of technology that will, at some point in the future be incorporated right into the devices you need to charge, such as phones, mp3 players, and cameras.

What Qi allows you to do is place your phone on a charging pad, simple as that. You don’t have to be precise with your alignment, really. Simply plunk your phone down on one the charging zones (or instruct your son to do so) when you aren’t using it  – and let the charging begin. You can pick up your phone again whenever you like. Then set it back down on the charging pad. It’s a pretty great little gadget, I have to say. It’s a nice way to charge your phone without remembering, specifically, to do so.

The dual zone inductive charger will run you about $89 and can actually charge 3 devices at one time – 2 on the Qi charging zones and one through a USB port on the back of the charging pad. There is also a single zone charging pad, which sells for $54.99

The charging pad is a cinch to use. All you have to do is plug it in and place your phone down – as long as you have a Qi sleeve on your phone. These Qi sleeves cost around $34.99. You can leave them on your phone and they double as a protective case.

Eventually, the Qi technology will be built right into your phone and you’ll be able to charge anything that’s “got Qi.” For now, you can get Qi sleeves for iPhone 4, 3 GS/3G , the Blackberry 8900, the HTC Thunderbolt and the Samsung DROID.

I really do love this new way of charging. My husband immediately wanted a sleeve for his phone, too. My only wish is that the charging sleeves would be available in a variety of colors and styles. The case is a nice, meaty thing in an attractive black design, which makes it feel like a good protective cover, but it makes it hard to slip into the pocket of your skinny jeans. Also I kind of wish the Energizer name wasn’t emblazoned across the bottom.

Still, this inductive charger is one of my new favorite things. It has certainly helped me to keep my phone charged when I need to.

So now when my son is all finished firing birds, he simply places my phone back on its little inductive charging pad. This is simply where my iPhone lives when it’s not in my pocket or my handbag. So that when mama wants to slingshot  a few birds for herself (or, uh, make a phone call or send a text), it’s ready and waiting.

Visit for lots more information, or order directly through the links below.

Disclosure: This device was sent to me free of charge for review. The opinions here are my own.

Buy the Energizer Inductive Charger:

Energizer Qi Inductive Charger
Energizer Qi Inductive Charger (available for online ordering at
Price: $89.99
Energizer Qi Inductive Charger provides easy charging of up to three devices simultaneously: two zones for cordless inductive charging and one USB port. Will charge anything that is Qi-enabled, now or in the future.

Don’t forget the Qi Sleeve that corresponds with your phone:

Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 4 Sleeve
Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 4 Sleeve
Price: $34.99
Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 4 Sleeve is the new universal standard for charging that allows you to charge wirelessly with any Qi enabled device now or in the future. Slide your iPhone 4 into the Energizer Qi sleeve and place on the Energizer Inductive Charging pad for easy wireless charging. There are no annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your phone.

Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 3G/3GS Sleeve
Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 3G/3GS Sleeve
Price: $34.99
Energizer Qi Inductive iPhone 3G/3GS Sleeve is the new universal standard for charging that allows you to charge wirelessly with any Qi enabled device now or in the future. Slide your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G into the Energizer Qi sleeve and place on the Energizer Inductive Charging pad for easy wireless charging. There are no annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your phone.

To find Qi sleeves for other devices, visit


Centerville Chicken Pies

Centerville Chicken Pie

Centerville Chicken Pie

One of Oprah’s “Ultimate Favorite Things,” the chicken pie from Centerville Pie Company is available today for just $20 each from Harry and David.

With more than a pound of moist top quality free-range, cage-free chicken, this all-meat Chicken Pie is unlike any other pie you’ve ever tasted. Each of these pies is baked from a secret recipe. The crust is light and flaky and the gravy is creamy and delectable. (Extra gravy is included.)

These may be the best pies you’ll ever have. They’ll certainly be the most satisfying. Each pie serves 4 to 6. If you have some of these in the freezer, you’ll be a rock star when you have some unexpected dinner guests.

To maintain the highest quality,delivery dates may vary, but it will be worth the wait

Pies ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Orders placed after 1pm Wednesday will ship the following week. A $9.95 delivery charge ensure your package arrives in perfect condition, and it will arrive packed in dry ice. (Select “Standard Delivery” at checkout.)

Learn more about the Centerville Chicken Pie

Here are some special promotions from Harry & David for the holiday season:

For a limited time: 3 Month Heritage Pie of the Month Club! November is Oprah’s Chicken Pot Pie!

In the current 3 Month Heritage Pie of the Month Club: November is Oprah’s Chicken Pot Pie, December is Royal Riviera pie, and January is Marionberry orchard pie.

$75.00 and FSD, which is a savings of $17.85!

Here are more special offers and promotions from Harry & David:

Shop Harry & David’s 24 Deals of Christmas – one great offer a day!

FREE Standard Delivery on all purchases!

Shop through link above and use code: FSDEL

Ends 12/31/10

30% off select gourmet gifts at Harry and David

Ongoing offer. No coupon code required.

Shop through link above for all the details.

Things we love – Watches from Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is well known for its stylish quilted cotton handbags and travel items, but have you taken a look at some of the other gift ideas and accessories on the site?

For example, this watch could only come from Vera Bradley. It’s available in 5 different stylish prints.

Vera Bradley Watch
Choose from a variety of Vera Bradley colors/prints (our favorite: Buttercup, shown above). Each is complemented by a genuine leather band, elegant face and silver backing and hardware. Silver-toned hardware and timepiece backing.  Wrapped around a coordinating pillow and presented in a round display box with top window. $65

See the latest coupon codes and promotions for Vera Bradley at our sister site, >

Browse Categories at Vera Bradley:
Vera Bradley Handbags
Accessories by Vera Bradley
Traveling Accessories and Lugguage
Vera Bradley Tableware Lamps and Home Lighting
Fine Rugs from Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Stationery

Things we love – Making Food Faces

Ms. Food Face Plate
Good taste is a matter of play with this foodie-forward plate that just might make it easier for your toddler to sit down at the table. Endless ways to play “dress up” makes mealtime fun for your little miss by encouraging creative ways to use everyday foods as eyes, lips, hair, earrings or any imaginative add-on your little chomper can imagine. Mashed potato pearls? Sunny-side sunglasses? Broccoli bouffant? Your picky little eaters are sure to work up an appetite getting their creative juices flowing.  Comes with six stylish suggestions for playing with your food.

Mr. Food Face Plate
Naturally, there’s one for the boys, too. Inspired by the beloved Wooly Willy children’s toy.

Both the Mr. and Ms. varieties are Food-safe ceramic. Made in China. Machine washable, and dishwasher and microwave safe. Sold individually.

From Uncommon Goods > (One of our absolute favorite sites for gifts and creative goodies.)