Things We Love – Playing for Change

My Uncle Steve just sent me a link to something that I want to share with you.

This is what is created when two music producers/engineers travel the globe and record street musicians playing the song “Stand by Me.” They then overlaid and mixed the voices with one another.

Listen to this gorgeous piece of sound engineering:

I could listen to Grandpa Elliot’s voice all day…such warmth! Really, the whole thing is worth a listen. Then share this post with someone who stands by you!

In addition to Stand by Me, the multi-media charity art project of which this is a part (Playing for Change) has recorded more beautiful songs, including Don’t Worry, Amazing Grace, and a version of Imagine that makes me want to cry. See all of Playing for Change’s videos on YouTube.

You can also order CD/DVDs on Amazon:

Songs around the world, Voume 1
Songs Around the World, Volume 1

Songs around the world, volume 2
Songs Around the World, Volume 2
(available for preorder. Release date: May 31)