Things We Love – Smallprint Jewelry


Smallprint originated the concept of fingerprint jewelry. With these unique jewelry keepsakes, you can capture a moment in time: the birth of a child, for example, imprinting the tiniest of fingerprints onto a piece of handcrafted silver.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also imprint handprints, footprints, drawings, and writing.

Each custom-made Smallprint piece begins by casting a baby’s or toddler’s fingerprint or other mark in precious metal clay (PMC), a silver powder with a water-soluble, non-toxic binder which burns off when the piece is fired in a kiln, forming solid silver.

SmallPrint jewelry is fine silver (99.9% pure) compared with sterling silver (92.5% pure), which is used for chains, clasps, key fobs and other connective materials requiring extra strength. Each item is handcrafted and hand-finished, providing you with a unique, personalized piece of fine jewelry.

SmallPrint keepsakes are available with single or multiple prints/items. They include charms and bracelets ($55-$220), pendants ($100-$265), dogtags ($100-$190), keychains ($120-$170), cuff links ($130-$160), as well as holiday decorations and religious gifts ($68-$155).

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