5 NEW Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

If, so far, your holiday season has been reduced to shopping for others, wrapping up projects at work, planning a trip home, thinking about hosting relatives, or worrying about budgets, then you really are not enjoying the most the holiday season has to offer.

Although the holidays can be stressful, hectic and overwhelming, they are also a great opportunity to branch out and try new things before the New Year.

As you plan your next few weeks, start thinking about all the things you can do this year to truly enjoy the most the holiday season has to offer. Here are five new ways to enjoy the holidays:

  • Playing Architect: True, the tradition of building gingerbread houses has been around for a while, but with the increasing popularity of Pinterest and extreme cooking shows, these days, you can find some pretty out-there designs to try at home. Take some time aside with your friends and have an adult gingerbread house competition to see who can build the most extreme – with plenty of eggnog to go along with the show.
  • Going Out More (to Holiday Shows): Holiday entertainment doesn’t stop at Nutcrackers and Christmas Carols. And you can only let your family watch A Christmas Story so many times before they start thinking they should get their own leg lamp for next year. Branch out and discover new shows by using sites like Goldstar.com to uncover unexpected shows your city has to offer—many at half-price.
  • Skip the Holiday Party Hop: All too often, we get stuck in the same social situations over and over again—the office holiday party, followed by the neighbors, and maybe a visit to a friend or two. This year, try to branch out and meet new people by hosting your own fest where everyone brings someone new to their social circle, as well as a bottle of wine.
  • Giving the Gift of Giving: Volunteering at a homeless shelter or a community kitchen is something that you can do any time of year, but the need is most apparent in the cold winter months. Visit sites like Networkforgood.org for tons of volunteer options.
  • Go Traditional: Skip the fake Fir and the canned snow. Take a group trip to a local Christmas tree farm get a real tree. Plan a tree trimming party with your family or friends and ask everyone to create their own ornament to display. You’ll have a great time, and some great ornaments to save the memories.