Teach Your Kids about Election Day: Books and Apps


Election time can be such a busy time. As moms, we’re trying to sort out all of the candidates and issues for ourselves, both locally and nationally, but we want to keep our children informed and involved in the process, as well.

In our family, we’ve started a new tradition of recording the Presidential debates as well as the national evening newscast through our DVR, so that – once the homework is finished, we can all sit down and watch the coverage. We like to speed through the commercials, and we find ourselves pausing the broadcast frequently to explain things or give extra background information. It takes a good deal of time each evening (and, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t actually happen EVERY evening), but every little bit helps. Any kind of dialogue we can have with our kids over the candidates and the issues facing our country is time well spent.

On that note, here are a few fun books and apps and to help teach kids of all ages about voting and the founding of this country.

Disney American Presidents App

From Disney Publishing Worldwide. Available online for $3.99
A fresh, new way to learn about the extraordinary men who inhabited the oval office and set the course for our country, just in time for the Presidential elections and inauguration! Sit in the oval office and flip through the Unofficial Scrapbook—you’ll find plenty of amazing stories and new perspectives about the men who helped shape our nation on the windy road to our modern Presidential elections.
Platforms: iOS


Grace for President
Grace for President
Available online from Amazon.com for $15.99
Where are the girls?” When Grace’s teacher reveals that the United States has never had a female president, Grace decides to be the first. And she immediately starts off her political career as a candidate the school’s mock election. But soon, she realizes that she has entered a tough race. Her popular opponent claims to be the “best man for the job”-and seems to have captured all the male votes-while Grace concentrates on being the best person. In this timely story, author Kelly DiPucchio not only gives readers a fun introduction to the American electoral system, but also teaches them the value of hard work, courage, and independent thought-and offers an inspiring example of how to choose our leaders.


Phineas and Ferb #10: Ride the Voter Coaster!
Phineas and Ferb #10: Ride the Voter Coaster!
Available online from amazon.com for $5.99
When a junior mayor election is announced in Danville, Phineas and Ferb decide to run against each other! This 8×8 features an original story and a pull-out poster.


John, Paul, George & Ben
John, Paul, George & Ben
Available online from Amazon for $12.23
Once there were four lads. John [Hancock], Paul [Revere], George [Washington], and Ben [Franklin]. Oh yes, there was also Tom [Jefferson], but he was annoyingly independent and hardly ever around. These lads were always getting into trouble for one reason or another. In other words, they took a few. liberties. And to be honest, they were not always appreciated. This is the story of five little lads before they became five really big Founding Fathers.