Things We Love – Shred: The Revolutionary Diet

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes
Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes

From the bestselling author of The Fat Smash Diet comes this helpful new diet book promising big results for people who are struggling to lose that last 20 pounds.

Many of us know firsthand how it gets more difficult to lose weight as we get closer to our goal. This book is designed to help you push through the plateaus when your previous weight loss efforts have stopped working.

Dr. Ian K. Smith has created this program, which combines a low Glycemic Index diet with meal spacing and meal replacements. (Dieters on the Shred Diet plan will be eating every three and a half hours, so it helps you keep your blood sugar – and moods – in check). The diet is composed of 6 week cycles, which you can repeat as often as you need to get the results you want. Dr. Ian puts the average weight loss for a cycle between 18 and 25 pounds.

What we love about the Shred diet is its inherent flexibility. Dr. Ian offers solid education about what works to push through frustrating plateaus and he provides specific guidelines to follow, but he emphasizes that, once you get an understanding of the Shred philosophy, you’ll be able to eat anywhere and know that you have the ability to both enjoy yourself (and food) while staying lean.

We also love that the focus is on eating a variety of healthy foods and on paying attention to meal spacing. As Dr. Ian says “the timing of your meals and snacks can be a reason why you are or aren’t losing weight.”

Dr. Ian has launched “Shredder Nation,” which you can get a taste of online. Get free tips by following Dr. Ian on facebook (, Twitter (@doctoriansmith) and via his website: The book is available at amazon for preorder (with a release date of January 10).

Disclosure: An advanced reading copy of Shred: The Revolutionary Diet was provided to Momscape free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed are our own.

Power Walking – If Just Walking Isn’t Working…

walking for health

If just walking isn’t working – maybe it’s time to ramp things up with some power walking!

Here are some tips for getting your walking routine going with power walking.

Power Walking Form

To get the most out of your power walk, you’ll need to follow the correct form. If you feel self-conscious, either get over it or move to a private area! When you power walk, sources say you need to keep your arms swinging and your chin up, and get your toes pointing up with each forward step (some refer to this as keeping your heels up. Either way, the point is to get your legs and feet moving in a heel-ball-toe formation).

Big Steps

One of the keys to power walking is to take lunging steps. When you power walk, you are moving fast but not necessarily taking long strides (in fact, sources say you should aim for quick, small steps as you power walk), but you can intersperse this with extra-long strides or lunges as you go. The lunges give your legs an extra workout and work the muscles a bit differently than the shorter strides.

Tighten Those Muscles

As you boost your walking program and get into power walking, you can amp it up even more by squeezing key muscle groups as you walk. Your rear and tummy are two places where contracting those muscles while you walk can help squeeze the most out of your workout.


Some fitness experts advocate the use of wrist and ankle weights to add even more challenge to your power walk. You can purchase such weights at most fitness shops or even some major retailers that have a sports section in the store. You strap these weight onto your wrists and ankles, which helps increase muscle exertion and ultimately muscle tone. Some sources also say that the weights increase the number of calories burned per workout.

Here are’s an inexpensive pair from

TKO 2.5 lb. Pair Wrist/Ankle Weights
TKO 2.5 lb. Pair Wrist/Ankle Weights
Price: $29.99
Soft gel foam padding, full cotton terry lining Outside pockets for weights Easily adjustable closure for custom fit Pair weighs 2.5 lbs. Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee)

Think Speed

One way to help you in your power walking efforts is to walk as if you are in a great hurry. Think in terms of hustle, hustle rather than a pleasurable stroll. Listening to upbeat, active music while you walk can help. Sources say you should aim for 4 1/2 miles per hour, but this is not a speed that most people can achieve automatically. So make this a goal and start out walking as fast as you can (with the proper form), and work up to the 4 1/2 mph goal.

How to Start a Power Walking Program

Decide Where You’ll Walk

You can go for a treadmill, a track, your neighborhood, or wherever you can get a good, hard stride going. You will be walking in a particular form, so if you are self-conscious about how you appear, you may prefer to walk somewhere a bit more private, such as a quiet neighborhood or a home treadmill. If you like company and appreciate a group setting, a gym treadmill or public track might be just the place.

Gear Up

For power walking, a good pair of walking shoes is essential. You may have to spend a bit, but look for shoes designed for the purpose. The support these shoes offer is important for preventing injury and cushioning your joints. Dress appropriately for the weather, and make sure your clothing allows free movement. Carry a fanny pack for keys, cell phone, and other essentials; a purse won’t do as well.

Here’s a shoe that is especially designed for power walking, available online at

Hush Puppies Women's Power Walker Walking Shoe
Hush Puppies Women’s Power Walker Walking Shoe
Price: $72.95
This walking shoe has it all, from top quality to a comfortable fit Full grain leather upper Fully padded collar and tongue Moisture-wicking DRI-LEX lining Removable molded footbed Bounce technology cushions every step Durable, flexible rubber sole PDAC approved for Medicare

Schedule Your Walks

Making your walks a regular thing not only helps you get them done, it also improves the overall fitness benefits, sources say. Since you are just beginning, experts recommend starting slowly and working up to 20-30 minutes 5 days a week. In fact, according the fitness experts, it’s best to begin at a moderate walking pace before beginning with the power walking.

Here’s an example of a beginner’s schedule, assuming a week is 5 days of walking:

* First week: Walk for 15 minutes at a moderate pace.

* Second week: Each day, add 5 minutes so you’re walking for 20 minutes. On week 2, you can up the pace for those 5 minutes, so you’re power walking for 5 and moderately walking for 15.

* Third week: Add another 5 minutes a day so you’re walking for 25 minutes – 10 minutes of those will be power walking, 20 moderate.

* Fourth week: Add another 5 minutes. Now you’re power walking for 15 minutes, and moderately walking for 15.

* Fifth week: Begin increasing the number of power walking minutes within your 30-minute walk. Increase in 5-minute intervals as described above until you are power walking for all 30 minutes.

Now liven up your walking workout with great music and walking programs/workouts:

Kathy Smith Powermix Lean Walk Workout Music
Kathy Smith Powermix Lean Walk Workout Music
Price: $14.99
Track Listing: 1. Ain’t No Love, Ain’t No Use, 2. Lady, 3. Crash, 4. Hey Mama, 5. L.O.V.E, 6. More More More, 7. Boyfriend, 8. My Style, 9. Hung Up, 10. Da Hype, 11. Here Comes the Rain Again, 12. When Doves Cry

Shape Fitness Music: Walk, Vol. 2: 70s Hits
Price: $11.99
Track Listing: 1. Freak, Le – Chic, 2. Funkytown – Lipps, Inc, 3. Ring My Bell – Anita Ward, 4. Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste of Honey, 5. Bad Girls – Donna Summer, 6. Relight My Fire – Dan Hartman, 7. Disco Inferno – The Trammps, 8. Enough Is Enough (No More Tears) – Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand, 9. Let’s All Chant – Michael Zager Band, 10. Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John, 11. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor, 12. Hustle, The – Van McCoy

The Healthy Heart Walking CD: Walking Workouts For A Lifetime Of Fitness
The Healthy Heart Walking CD: Walking Workouts For A Lifetime Of Fitness
Price: $12.6
Walk your Way to Health and Well-Being Regardless of your level of fitness, you can improve your cardiovascular health, weight control, stress management, and overall well-being through a simple walking program. In the American Heart Association’s Healthy Heart Walking CD, the leading crusader in the fight against heart disease and stroke presents two complete walking workouts to help you get started. Designed to be listened to again and again, whenever you have time for a half-hour fitness walk, The Healthy Heart Walking CD includes:  A 30-minute beginner’s walk; A 30-minute intermediate walk – for walkers ready for a faster pace; Original music written exactly to American Heart Association-recommended paces; Easy-to-do stretches and a diary in an illustrated booklet

Leslie Sansone: Walk The Walk - Firm Walk (A Christian Inspired Workout)
Leslie Sansone: Walk The Walk – Firm Walk (A Christian Inspired Workout)
Price: $10.96
Good health is a blessing – a connection of mind, body, and spirit. This uplifting, In-Home Walking(TM) workout is a great way to get both physically and spiritually fit. It’s a faith-centered, energizing workout that will leave you feeling revitalized every day, inside and out. It’s time to build strong muscles and a firm faith with this terrific strength-training workout that will leave your spirit refreshed and your body lean, firm and energized. when you add muscle, you’re giving your body beautiful shape and definition – that sleek, well-proportioned look we all want! Challenge all the muscles of your upper and lower body with these simple, effective exercises that target trouble spots like the upper arms, mid-back, the hips, thighs and buns, abs and waistline. The inspiring music keeps the focus on God’s blessings, so you’re not just challenging your body. you’re nurturing your soul. Are you ready shape up, inside and out? Have faith – you’ll love what this firming workout does for you.

Things We Love – Weight Loss Gadgets and Goodies


Sometimes, it’s a whole lot easier – and more fun – to make a change in our lives – if we have some kind of fun and shiny new gadget to help us along. Here are some weight loss gadgets and goodies we think you’ll love:

Smart Portion™ Prep Center by Fit & Fresh™
Smart Portion™ Prep Center by Fit & Fresh™
Save time when you chop, weigh and measure your food all at once. This prep center offers an easy way to stay on track. Whether dieting or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the food scale will help you control your portions every meal. The scale is compact and easy to use and measures up to 17.65 ounces (or 1.1 pounds) of food. The scale holder slides into the cutting board for easy storage. The side measuring cup measures food portions from 1/2 cup to 2 cups and the removable divider included makes measuring easy. The cup clips onto the side of the cutting board for easy access and space saving storage. The textured, cutting board has eight non-skid feet to keep the board in place while cutting. The legs fold into the board for easy, space saving storage. Food scale and side measuring cup clip into the bottom of the cutting board for compact storage.
Available online from

Portion Control Plate
Portion Control Plate
This inexpensive portion-control plate helps you your manage weight and promote portion-specific eating habits. The easy-to-use divider fits most dinner plates and features labeled compartments for fruits and vegetables, starch and protein. Great for dieters and people who want to watch their weight. Follows the USDA My Pyramid serving sizes.
Available online from Taylor Gifts

T-Fal 35-oz. Nutritious & Delicious ActiFry Low Fat Multi Cooker, White
The ActiFry, by T-Fal
The T-Fal ActiFry is a low fat cooker that enables you to cook tasty dishes while reducing the amount of fat you are having. T-Fal ActiFry is engineered to minimize the use of oil while cooking. This revolutionary appliance allows you to enjoy a wide array of great tasting dishes but stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating at the same time. With ActiFry you can enjoy crispy, great tasting fries that are low in fat! By using just one tablespoon of oil you can make 2lbs of fresh French fries, which is enough to feed a family of four. That one spoonful is over 200 times less than a traditional 3 liter deep fat fryer, which not only means that your food is substantially more healthy, but it is also more economical. The French fries have only 3 fat per serving!

Moreover, ActiFry is a versatile cooking appliance that can be used to create a variety of healthy, low-fat dishes with minimal effort. ActiFry is not just for French fries, it enables you to cook full meals such as chili, risotto, gumbos, vegetable or meat stir frys, seafood and even yummy desserts. ActiFry enables you to create your favorite dishes that are not only delicious but nutritious. Each recipe requires from 0 to 2 tablespoons of oil for four servings.

How does it work? ActiFry is the result of 10 years of research & development. It has a unique stirring paddle and pulse heat system which cooks foods to perfection. The food is evenly cooked thanks to the stirring paddle and the pulse heat system will ensure an even distribution of the oil on each piece of food.

The T-Fal ActiFry heating system and stirring paddle combine to cook your food to perfection, hands free! No pre-heating is required; it’s ready when you are!

Available online from (Current Coupons are here.)

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Red Carpet Ready Fitness Moves – Celebrity Workouts


Valerie Waters has 17 years of experience getting celebrities in shape for important movie roles, events, magazine layouts and awards ceremonies.

A celebrity trainer and fitness expert on LIVESTRONG.COM‘s Advisory Board and author of, Valerie’s clientele includes Ben Affleck, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Garner, and she has been featured in top publications including Vanity Fair, Fitness and People.

Here are Valerie’s top 5 fitness moves for getting the stars in red carpet ready shape for the Oscars.

1) Skaters- 20 each way

Cross your left leg behind your right leg as your lower body in the pictured position. Extend your right arm out to your side and keep your left arm hanging on the outside of your front (right leg). Jump to the other side, switching the position of your legs and arms (reversing them.) Make sure you keep your head up. The key is to make far jumps from side to side.

2) Lunge Kicks- 20 each

Stand with feet hip width apart and abs tight. Step back with your left foot and lower into a lunge so your right knee bends to 90 degrees. Squeeze your glutes as you push up through your right heel bringing your left leg forward, kicking it in front as you stand and straighten your right leg. Repeat the movement until you complete your reps, then switch sides.

3) Standing “W’s”- 15 total

Stand with feet hip width apart, abs tight and bent over at the waist about 45 degrees. Bend your elbows more than 90 degrees, with your palms facing each other, thumbs pointing up. Maintaining the same bed in the elbows, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you raise your arms. Pause, slowly lower back to the starting position. At the top of the movement, your arms should form a “W”. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.

4) Star Push Ups- 10 total (5 each way)

Start in a push-up position with your arms shoulder width apart, elbows slightly bent and back straight. Begin by lowering yourself down an inch off the ground and then proceed to push yourself up, with one fluent motion. At the top of the push-up motion twist your upper body until one arm is positioned and held directly over the other in a straight line. Slowly lower yourself and repeat to opposite side.

5) Ultimate Toe Touch- 10 each side

Lie flat on the floor with legs out straight and arms out to the side of you. Raise your left leg and touch your toe with your right hand (or reach as close to your toe as you can), making sure both shoulders come off of the floor.

Do these 5 exercises as a circuit for maximum fat burning benefit.  Rest 1 minute after completing the circuit. Do the circuit 3-4 times. Do this every other day.  On the days in between do interval style cardio.  This could be a spin class or running outside.

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Superbowl Calorie Costs (in Exercise Equivalents)

“Big Game” Calorie Costs ­ in Exercise: Big Game Activities to Burn off Foods You Just Ate
The Annual 2012 “Big Game” Eating Extravaganza with Exercise Equivalents
(From Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College)

The “Big Game” has become much more than a football game: It’s the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving. So, to choose the most splurgeworthy foods, here are the exercise equivalents* for some of your favorite football snacks from Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, assistant professor at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College and editor of

At more than 500 calories per ball, made with peanut oil, egg, cheese, butter, flour, macaroni, milk and more, you’ll be running awhile.

Fit Tip: Try baking, adding veggies and using whole-wheat pasta and low-fat cheese.

Hot dogs wrapped in a crescent or biscuit dough adds up: Each one you pop in your mouth is 66 calories.

Fit Tip: Low calorie franks (fat free), with low-fat crescent dough.

That’s more than 20 hours of continuous praying to burn off those calories. Each slice is loaded with high-calorie meats, including pepperoni, ham, beef, bacon and sausage.

Fit Tip: Try cheeseless pizza with plenty of veggies — broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms or even artichoke hearts — on top. Also, avoid personal pan and stuffed-crust pizzas: The thick, oily crust equals added fat and calories.

Beer and football just go together, but keep in mind, each beer is 145 calories.

Fit Tip: Planning on having a few bottles? Try Beck’s Premier Light at only 64 calories per 12-ounce bottle, or MGD Light, 64 calories, Michelob Ultra or Natural Light at 95, or you can go very low with Budweiser Select for 55. Best bet is to sample a few light beers before the game to see which ones you prefer.

This calorically laden sub includes slow-cured ham, salami, cappacola, prosciuttini and provolone.

Fit Tip: Go for low-fat cheese and skip the mayo. If you’re buying at Blimpe try the Deli Trio Sub, a low-cal combination of ham, oven-roasted turkey and roast beef at 330 calories for a 6-inch sub.

Ever try doing one of those cheerleading routines? Deviled eggs are made with mayo, and in case you weren’t sure, mayo is very high in calories.

Fit Tip: Use low-fat mayo, or how about just hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce?

It’s been said that this is the unofficial state pie of Indianapolis (where the Super Bowl is being held this year). The name says it all. “Sugar cream pie” is made with sugar, flour, whipping cream, milk and butter in a pie shell.

Fit Tip: Go to or and put healthy cream pie in the search box.

That’s a lot of dancing! Deep-fried chicken is very high in calories, especially the extra crispy kind.

Fit Tip: Bake skinless chicken and use whole-grain bread crumbs.

That’s nonstop time. Just like beer, nachos and the Big Game go hand-in-hand.

Fit Tip: Make your own nachos with low-fat cheese and black beans. Use salsa and make your own whole-wheat pita chips and you’ll be even better off.

Dancing is actually great exercise (if you don’t get nauseous from all the food you’ve eaten already). Each chip is 10.5 calories, and every dip of dip is 60 calories.

Fit Tip: Try Popchips, and make your dip with low-fat mayo or non-fat yogurt.

Each chip has 20 calories (yes 20!!) and 1 tablespoon of the seven-layer dip is approximately 70 calories.

Fit Tip: The answer is salsa — it’s very low in calories. And pick baked, low-calorie chips at about 120 calories per ounce. If you’re eating the chips, have one at a time, and don’t put out huge bowls of them. Make sure you have to get up each time you want more than six chips.

You ever see some of the fans who get their faces painted? Traditional wings are deep fried, not to mention the super high-calorie ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Fit Tip: You can easily make the wings yourself. Remove the skin (it saves lots of calories), soak them in hot sauce or roll them in egg whites, dip them in bread crumbs and bake them in the oven. Skip the blue cheese dressing, which has about 305 calories for 4 tablespoons. Dip them in hot sauce instead.

Those poppers are made with cream cheese, bacon and Cheddar cheese — each one will cost you a bit of marching.

Fit Tip: Use turkey bacon, low-fat cream cheese and Cheddar cheese. Bake don’t fry.

One peanut has about 5.5 calories. A handful, or about one ounce (30 peanuts), is 166 calories.

Fit Tip: Nuts are healthy, but they’re very high in calories. Don’t keep a huge bowl in front of you. And try to eat one at a time; don’t shove a handful in your mouth all at once.

Books by Dr. Charles Platkin:

Breaking the Fat Pattern: The Diet Detective's Plan to End the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting
Breaking the Fat Pattern: The Diet Detective’s Plan to End the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting
Price: $6.00
In Breaking the Fat Pattern, Charles Stuart Platkin, “The Diet Detective,” explores the behavioral reasons why, when we lose weight, we always gain it back, offering as an antidote a ten-step process for identifying and replacing our “fat patterns.” Research has proven that fad diets are misguided and that the only way to permanently lose weight is through behavioral and lifestyle modification. Learning to identify and break one s fat patterns enables readers to relearn how to create a relationship with food and fitness that is comfortable and maintainable.

The Diet Detective's All-American Diet: Lose Weight with the Foods You Already Love to Eat from Your Favorite Supermarket and Restaurant Choices
The Diet Detective’s All-American Diet: Lose Weight with the Foods You Already Love to Eat from Your Favorite Supermarket and Restaurant Choices
Price: $13.69
When it comes to diets, Americans want two things: ease of use and results. The Diet Detective s All-American Diet gives readers exactly what they need to lose weight without recipes, cooking, or calorie counting. Diet Detective Charles Platkin has done all the complicated nutrition math in advance, so readers merely pick and choose their meal plan from thousands of photos of regular foods available at their local stores and favorite chain restaurants. Significantly less expensive, more accessible, and infinitely more practical than convenience eating programs like Jenny Craig or NutriSystem, The Diet Detective s All-American Diet operates according to the same proven principles of portion control, behavior change, and proper nutrition for effective weight loss. The book gives readers a mix-and-match, Build-a-Meal program that shows them how to pick their breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack from lists of thousands of popular brand-name foods available anywhere. It s that simple: Readers can simply go to the supermarket and start shedding pounds.

The Diet Detective's Count Down: 7500 of Your Favorite Food Counts with Their Exercise Equivalents for Walking, Running, Biking, Swimming, Yoga, and Dance
The Diet Detective’s Count Down: 7500 of Your Favorite Food Counts with Their Exercise Equivalents for Walking, Running, Biking, Swimming, Yoga, and Dance
Price: $13.0
THE COST OF A CALORIE REVEALED – CALORIE SHOPPING with EXERCISE EQUIVALENTS – The Diet Detective’s Count Down Offers Readers Calories, Carbs, Fat and the Exercise Equivalents For More For Than 7,500 Foods(Walk, Run, Swim, Bike, Yoga, and Dance). Ever find yourself debating whether or not to buy just one bag of chips? Or grab a little candy bar for the road? Consider this: what if the nutritional labels on your favorite foods spelled out exactly what you’d have to do to burn those calories? Well, nutrition and public health advocate, Charles Stuart Platkin’s new book, THE DIET DETECTIVE’S COUNT DOWN, is the first of its kind that translates food into exercise, giving readers a tool for deciding what a calorie means and which calories are worth it. THE DIET DETECTIVE’S COUNT DOWN lists more that 7,500 foods with exercise equivalents in minutes calculated using six forms of activity: WALKING, RUNNING, BIKING, SWIMMING, YOGA, AND DANCING. All this information is listed in an easy to view table format. The table also includes calories, fat and carbohydrates. This is no ordinary diet book, it is a food fact bible giving readers tasty nuggets of information that make them think before they eat. Translating food into calorie counts isn’t enough – translating calorie counts into exercises makes clear the consequence each bite has on the waistline! Examples of an Exercise Equivalent (The book contains more than 7500 listings in an easy to use table format w/ Calories, Carbs and Fat, walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga and dance): 1 double-stuffed Oreo cookie = 18 minutes of walking 1 handful of chips = 26 minutes of dancing 1 slice of chocolate cake = 48 minutes of biking 1 candy bar = 32 minutes of swimming 1 soda = 48 minutes of yoga 1 tablespoon of butter = 11 minutes of running

The Diet Detective's Calorie Bargain Bible: More than 1,000 Calorie Bargains in Supermarkets, Kitchens, Offices, Restaurants, the Movies, for Special Occasions, and More
The Diet Detective’s Calorie Bargain Bible: More than 1,000 Calorie Bargains in Supermarkets, Kitchens, Offices, Restaurants, the Movies, for Special Occasions, and More
Price: $11.05
THE ULTIMATE DIETER’S REFERENCE GUIDE! The Diet Detective returns, sharing his secrets for turning your favorite foods into “Calorie Bargains,” with his easy-to-follow reference guide for healthy eating. In The Diet Detective’s Count Down, public health advocate Charles Stuart Platkin broke down thousands of popular foods into their “exercise equivalents” – the time it took to walk, run, swim, bike, or dance off their calories. Now, the Diet Detective takes his philosophy one step further – separating truth from myth, dispelling misconceptions, and giving you the best choices for meals and snacks, anytime, anywhere. From your favorite restaurants to the aisles of the grocery store, no food has escaped Platkin’s scrutiny. We look for bargains everywhere. What if we were as cost conscious about our calorie consumption as we are about our spending? How can we be sure we’re making good use of the foods we consume? The answer: Look for Calorie Bargains. The Diet Detective’s Calorie Bargain Bible is the ultimate dieter’s reference guide. It’s dieting made easy – with the information that readers crave, can have fun with, and can put into practice immediately.
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