Red Carpet Ready Fitness Moves – Celebrity Workouts


Valerie Waters has 17 years of experience getting celebrities in shape for important movie roles, events, magazine layouts and awards ceremonies.

A celebrity trainer and fitness expert on LIVESTRONG.COM‘s Advisory Board and author of, Valerie’s clientele includes Ben Affleck, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Garner, and she has been featured in top publications including Vanity Fair, Fitness and People.

Here are Valerie’s top 5 fitness moves for getting the stars in red carpet ready shape for the Oscars.

1) Skaters- 20 each way

Cross your left leg behind your right leg as your lower body in the pictured position. Extend your right arm out to your side and keep your left arm hanging on the outside of your front (right leg). Jump to the other side, switching the position of your legs and arms (reversing them.) Make sure you keep your head up. The key is to make far jumps from side to side.

2) Lunge Kicks- 20 each

Stand with feet hip width apart and abs tight. Step back with your left foot and lower into a lunge so your right knee bends to 90 degrees. Squeeze your glutes as you push up through your right heel bringing your left leg forward, kicking it in front as you stand and straighten your right leg. Repeat the movement until you complete your reps, then switch sides.

3) Standing “W’s”- 15 total

Stand with feet hip width apart, abs tight and bent over at the waist about 45 degrees. Bend your elbows more than 90 degrees, with your palms facing each other, thumbs pointing up. Maintaining the same bed in the elbows, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you raise your arms. Pause, slowly lower back to the starting position. At the top of the movement, your arms should form a “W”. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.

4) Star Push Ups- 10 total (5 each way)

Start in a push-up position with your arms shoulder width apart, elbows slightly bent and back straight. Begin by lowering yourself down an inch off the ground and then proceed to push yourself up, with one fluent motion. At the top of the push-up motion twist your upper body until one arm is positioned and held directly over the other in a straight line. Slowly lower yourself and repeat to opposite side.

5) Ultimate Toe Touch- 10 each side

Lie flat on the floor with legs out straight and arms out to the side of you. Raise your left leg and touch your toe with your right hand (or reach as close to your toe as you can), making sure both shoulders come off of the floor.

Do these 5 exercises as a circuit for maximum fat burning benefit.  Rest 1 minute after completing the circuit. Do the circuit 3-4 times. Do this every other day.  On the days in between do interval style cardio.  This could be a spin class or running outside.

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