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I DIG a good workout – one that really makes my muscles burn, so when the folks at Pop Physique asked me if I would like to try something called Cardio Butt School – along with another two DVDs in the Pop Physique family, I really couldn’t resist.

With a name like that, you start to get curious about what it would be like to take your butt to school. You start to get curious about how it will do.

In case you’re not familiar, Pop Physique combines barre-inspired exercises with elements of Pilates, ballet and light weights. The workouts feature a variety of effective and challenging moves, including isometrics, strengthening, core shaping, and stretching.

I liked each of the Pop Physique workout DVDs straight away. The leaders are likeable, and the pacing and the music are both really nice. Each of the DVDs offers a great workout and features strength moves that I might be intimidated to try in a class setting.

As I’ve written about before, I love to exercise outside – either running or hiking or cross country skiing – and this is how I do my every day workout because I can take my dogs and I get outside to suck in some Vitamin D, fresh air and sunshine. But I find that, if I do one of these DVDs three times a week, it strikes a nice balance of cardio and strength training.

The folks at Pop Physique says you’ll be burning 500 or more calories with each workout, and I believe it. You will be using all your muscles in moves that will make you feel strong and long and lean.

In case you’re wondering, I found that my butt did pretty well in school, actually. Cardio Butt School wasn’t the most intense workout I’ve ever done in terms of cardio, but my muscles were BURNING.

You can buy these DVDs separately, but they are each good for different days. One day you’ll want more cardio. Another, you may want to focus on energizing and strengthening. So do yourself a favor and buy the full 3 DVD collection, which is available online here.

Here’s more details of each of the DVDs in the set:

PopPhysique Hardcore
This workout focuses on shaping each muscle group with isometric muscle work.
Run time: 65 minutes.

PopPhysique Original Butt
Tone and sculpt in a low impact workout featuring strengthening and stretching. Promises quick results: “lifted rounded butt, sleek arms, flat abdominals, and slimmed legs.”
Run time: 55 minutes.

PopPhysique Cardio Butt School
Here, the Pop Physique team has taken the hardcore workout to a cardio level, flowing from one muscle group to the next, so you can get all the toning done in a short period of time.
Run time: 39 minutes.

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Disclosure: Pop Physique provided these workout tapes free of charge for review, and this post contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed here are my own.