“Plantable” wrapping paper embedded with wildflower seeds

Blooming Wrapping Paper

Thus far, wrapping paper’s sole purpose has been to make gifts look pretty. But this beautiful gift wrap paper is a present all in itself. Each handmade paper roll is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds, such as catchfly, english snapdragon, cornpoppy, and black eyed susan.

The paper is a crisp clean white with the choice of light green or brown antique suns and the words “water me” on the paper. It’s a lovely, natural alternative from the flashy glossy world of gift wrap.

Your gift recipients will love planting the biodegradable paper and watching the seeds grow into a bright garden. Plus this wrapping paper doesn’t create waste like other ones do. Made in Colorado. Available in coffee or chartreuse colored print, from Uncommon Goods.

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