Write for Momscape: We are now accepting article submissions and guest posts

Want to write for Momscape?

Momscape is now accepting original guest posts and article submissions.

As you know, the goal of this site is to share the best tips and ideas to help parents live a life that is easier, better, and more balanced.

If you have information, ideas, insights, tips, recipes – or anything that you think might make a mom’s life better, we’d love to hear from you. Keep in mind that, in addition to parenting tips,  we have special sections for  inspirational essays, family fun, romance, travel, health & fitness, and weight loss. We publish scrapbooking and crafting articles and project ideas. We also publish articles on entrepreneurship and home business ideas.

How to submit your original articles to Momscape

Please know that we are sent numerous submissions for review and we publish only a (very) small percentage.

Because of the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide detailed critique or comments on individual submissions.  Sorry.

Writer’s Guidelines

Here are the basic requirements:

* The article you submit may not be published on any other sites, including your own website. All content submitted must be 100% original.

* By submitting the article to Momscape, you are granting Momscape the right to publish the article – on either the Momscape blog or the main Momscape site (at our discretion.) You are also agreeing to not submit the article elsewhere. You retain all copyrights and your name will accompany the article. Additionally, you will be permitted to submit a short bio with a link to your website in your “About the Author” paragraph, immediately following your article.

* No affiliate links or advertising is permitted in the body of the article. Any articles that contain advertising, self-promotion or affiliate links will not be accepted for publication. If you would like to submit a product for review, email  editor@momscape.com with the subject line: Momscape Product Submission. Please note that we do not accept article submissions that are product reviews because it’s too difficult to ascertain neutrality. We like to have personal experience with products before writing and publishing reviews.

* Momscape reserves the right to edit your submission for grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. We also reserve the right to place links in the body of the article.

* An article will be more likely to be published if it is well-written (obviously),  more than 450 words featuring comprehensive information in an easy-to-read format. (We especially like the use of bulleted lists).

* If you are making any kind of medical claims, you need to link to an authoritative site or study that backs up your data.

* Please send a photo of yourself and a short bio (which may include a single link to your website) for your “about the author” box, which will immediately follow your article.

* Pretty please do not email us for status reports on your article. Our kids think we spend too much time in front of the computer as it is.

We promise to let you know as soon as we possibly can whether we will be using your article, so you can place it elsewhere if necessary.

Please send article submissions, accompanied by photos and short bio box to: editor@momscape.com with the subject line: Momscape Article Submission