How to Boom Boom

Boom Boom Cards

These cards help you to go beyond random acts of kindness – to create intentional acts of kindness.

This is a set of 26 cards, each featuring a creative idea for intentional acts of kindness. You’ll find yourself  writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments, and more.

And then use the cards to create a chain reaction of covert kindness…

How to Boom Boom!

1) Do the revolutionary act of kindness on the card.

2) Go to and tell your story and upload pictures and video.

3) Pass the card on to anyone (a friend, a stranger, your mom).

4) Follow your card on the website’s map as it moves across the globe!

Boom Boom Cards were created by Mary Beth Campbell and Helene Scott to incite an “uprising of guerilla goodness.” Click here to read more of the story of Boom Boom.

Set comes with calling card note pad, mini pencil and canvas carrying case.

Boom Boom cards are offered by Uncommon Goods. While this online store rarely offers coupon codes, we publish promotions and discounts from Uncommon Goods whenever available on the momscape site here.