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Lucks Edible Images makes it a snap to make beautiful looking cakes.

Our favorite product from Lucks is this set of vintage tea party designer prints:

Lucks Edible Image Vintage Tea Party
The edible images from Lucks decorating center (and available online at works well on buttercream, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, fudge and ice cream cakes. They are easy to apply to cakes and baked goods, come packed in a moisture resistant metalized polyester pouch. Plus they are Kosher certified and made in the USA.

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Great gifts: The illy x7iper Black Espresso Machine


If you’d love to have your own espresso machine, here’s a great deal on the illy x7iper from

FrancisFrancis! illy X7 iper Black Espresso Machine – $319.95 – $75 Instant Savings!

FrancisFrancis! illy X7 iper Black Espresso Machine:

Critics rave over the elegant design and one-touch convenience of the X7. Designed to work exclusively with illy iperEspresso capsules, the striking Francis Francis X7 makes café-quality espresso. Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso method uses an innovative, patented two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, velvety crema that lasts and lasts. And because extraction takes place entirely inside the capsule, the coffee and machine never come in contact making for easy clean up.

Auto-stop feature assures perfect volume in the cup, while professional steam wand froths milk for thick and delicious cappuccino and latte. Designed by renowned Italian architect Luca Trazzi, this striking machine adds a strong visual statement to any kitchen.


One-touch brewing cycle
Easy-use handle to hold iperEspresso capsule
Lighted central display and acoustic signals to guide user
No contact between machine and coffee inside the capsule for a clean system
Traditional steam wand for thick, frothy cappuccino and latte
Auto-stop feature to control cup volume
Automatic decalcification program
Brass boiler with automatic boiler refill
15 bar pump
34 ounce water tank (approx. 22-30 servings)
Polycarbonate body
Works exclusively with illy iperEspresso capsules

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Product Review: Sunbeam Bread Machine

Product Name: Sunbeam Bread Machine
Submitted By: Adriana Copaceanu; New Market, VA
Rating: 8
Where to buy: currently has these bread machines at between 30 and 40% off retail.

Description:  This breadmaker, includes:

-2 lb non-stick, removable baking pan, great for family sized loafs -programmable delay bake: pwerfect for when you come home from work and want fresh bread, or when you want to wake up to the smeall of freshly baked bread -express bake for those times when you need a quick loaf -several cooking functions -instruction book with bread recipes

Review: I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing beats home-made bread: it doesn’t even compare with store-bought ones.

Home-made bread is fresh, nutritional, great tasting, and your family will love you for making it. The Sunbeam bread machine is inexpensive, and easy to use.

It only takes 2 minutes to add the ingredients, and press the start button, and in less than 4 hours, you’ll have fresh bread.

-easy to use
-easy to clean
-saves you a LOT of money on bread
-sturdy (I’ve had mine for 2 years now, and we bake one loaf a day)

-you may need to experiment with your recipes until you get the right one for you family (sometimes your bread will raise too much, or the top will collapse, because of too much or too little of certain ingredients)

-there are not too many recipes in the booklet that comes with the machine
While you’re at, you may want to pick up a recipe book for bread machines, such as The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook.

Review: Mean Green Household Cleaner

Product Name: Mean Green
Submitted by: LeaAnn Massey; Covington, IN
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: Cleaning product for various surfaces.

Review:  Mean Green is a cleaning product that every household should have.  It works on grease, lime, rust, stains just about anything.  I use it in the house, in the laundry, on carpets, on the car, truck, boat, trailer, outdoor furniture and even on the grill.

This is a product that every wife, mother or anyone who has a male living in the house needs to have.  Just spray it on and wipe it off.  It even works on stubborn smoke that clings to your walls, furniture, curtains and clothes.

It is also very inexpensive.  I bought the spray bottle to start for $3.00 but after using it the first time I bought the 5 gallon refill for $6.00 and it lasts forever.

You can use it full strength for those hard jobs or diluted for the smaller jobs.  I put a ½ cup in the laundry to clean work clothes, etc. or a full cup in the carpet shampooer to clean those tracked in areas on your carpet.  I would recommend this product to everyone.

Criticism:  Always be sure to test it on carpets or furniture for color safeness. I have never had a problem with this but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Also, if you use it full strength in an unventilated area, be sure to wear a mask as with most cleaners.

Review: Targus PA248U Tornado Notebook Chill Pad

Product Name: Targus PA248U Tornado Notebook Chill Pad
Submitted by: Marie Ynami; Redlands, CA
Rating: 8
Where to buy: ( This week’s coupon codes are here: )

Description: Targus PA248U Tornado Notebook Chill Pad is a cooling mat for a laptop or a notebook pc. It is made of plastic, is light weight and has 2 fans that can cool off your overworked laptop while you are working. It is powered by the laptop’s USB. You sit your laptop on it and it has rubber stoppers so your laptop won’t slip.

Review: I like it because it is powered by the laptop’s USB port – so no extra plugs and no batteries required. The cord that plugs from the chill mat to the laptop even has an on/off switch. The fan doesn’t make any noise. It keeps my laptop cool even if I use it for long periods of time. It is very light and it doesn’t bother me when I am working. The price is affordable. I paid $24 for my chill mat. I think that is a small price to pay compared to paying for repairs if my laptop overheats. I think it is a must for laptop users.

Review: Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External Hard Drive

Product Name: Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External Hard Drive
Submitted by: Marie Ynami; Redlands, CA
Rating: 8
Where to buy: ( Current coupons and weekly deal alerts are here: )

Description: Small portable external hard drive for your computer. Use it to back up your files from your computer and make more room in your computer. It hooks up to your computer via USB cable. Once plugged into your computer, it automatically turns on or off with your computer. This product is a must for anyone who treasures their photos, videos, audios, ebooks and other files  – and need to backup these files for safe keeping.

Review: This is an easy-to-use external hard drive for your computer. It is perfect for storing music, photos, videos and other files from your computer – great for backing up all your files – which is a must if you are like me who has lots of photos, videos and audio in my computer and need to make room in my hard drive for more stuff. It is easy to use – installation is super easy – even for newbies – you just plug the external hard drive to your computer and it installs itself – it loads automatically. It is small, light weight (about 4 pounds only) and you can use more than one if you need to and stack them next to each other. It is very affordable. I paid $120 for mine and I couldn’t be any happier – it is a small price to pay if you have all your files backed up that way if ever your computer crashes, you have your info backed up. It is very handy – you can easily move it from one location to another. It needs to be plugged into electricity though – it does not operate with batteries – so, that is something to consider. I definitely LOVE my Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External Hard Drive.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Product Name: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Submitted by: Ticee Graham; Healy, AK
Rating: 9
Where to buy: ( Coupons are here.)

Review: This is one of the must-have innovations of the 21st century. The best product for housecleaning since the vacuum cleaner. When I first bought them I was a little skeptical since no one else I knew used them.

But after experiencing the amazing ease that the tough grime came off my stovetop with I was impressed. After the stove I thought, “What else could I use these on?” I went after the refrigerator door and my white walls. To be clear I used a new (white) one on these tasks so as not to get any of my stove grime on them. I was impressed with how it got in the invisible ridges everyone’s fridges have and how the walls were left very clean after I got done with them.

I had to give my sister-in-law and best friend one just to try because I was so impressed.

Magic Erasers have definitely helped my fridge door (always a problem area with the dirty hands of 2 kids getting in and out all day) and stovetop stay cleaner and I’ve been happy with the improvements in my house elsewhere too.

I would definitely recommend anyone who has never tried these or has them and hasn’t used them to give it a go and see what happens.

P.S. My front door has thanked me too!

Criticism: They do tend to leave a little chalky feeling on the things I clean with them. Nothing I have a problem with though.

Brother 10 Stitch Portable Sewing Machine LS-21251

Product Name: Brother 10 Stitch Portable Sewing Machine, LS-2125i
Submitted by: Candace Sabo; San Antonio, TX
Rating: 9
Where to buy: ( Coupon Codes are here.)

Description: Brother 10 Stitch Portable Sewing Machine, LS-2125i Brother LS-2125i free-arm sewing machine includes a variety of built-in stitches each with multiple stitch functions, 4-step built-in buttonholer and auto-bobbin winder. Perfect for basic sewing, mending, crafting and scrapbooking projects. Also, perfect machine for beginning sewers. Price $78.88, Color: White with blue accents. Comes with very easy-to-follow instructions.

Review: My mom bought this machine for me as a gift. When I first received it, I was a bit sceptical of such an inexpensive machine and the quality in which it would produce. To my surprise, it has been a great machine that meets all of my needs. It is very easy to operate and provides a sufficient amount of stitches for me to sew almost anything. The machine provides easy-to-follow instructions for threading, bobbin-winding, and trouble-shooting. I have six children that I sew for, two of which are learning to sew on this machine. It has been very easy for them to get used to because of its simplicity. One day, one of my little ones got to the machine and disassembled the bobbin compartment. I was highly irritated because I thought it would take me forever to figure out how to put the pieces back together. I set it aside to get back to another day. Well, my fourteen year old daughter began fiddling with it and figured out how to put it back together. I was so glad that it was simple enough for her to figure out even without instructions. My daughters and I have enjoyed many hours on this machine. I would encourage many moms to start with a simple, inexpensive machine such as this one to teach their daughters this wonderful skill of sewing, while also spending quality time with them. I’ve only had one minor problem. At first, the bobbin thread kept getting stuck with the needle thread. But, once I trouble-shooted, I found that I needed to adjust the bobbin tension. I did this and the problem was solved! We are truly enjoying this machine! If you’re just starting out or haven’t sewn in a while, I would highly recommend starting out with this simple, inexpensive machine!

The Busy Woman Planner

Product Name: The Busy Woman Planner
Submitted by: Rebecca White; Sylvania, OH
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: A planner for all your organization needs. The Busy Woman planner offers direct sales pages, holiday planning pages, weekly and monthly pages that are not dates so you can use them when you need them, purses to hold your planner and so much more.

Review: Is your life disorganized? Are you always searching for items and not knowing where all your notes, car information, children’s shot records and such are?

For years, every January, I go to our local Office Max and spend hours looking for a planner that can fit all my needs. I am a mom, a soccer manager, a business owner, a direct sales rep and NONE of the planners at the store had all the informational pages I need! The Busy Woman Planner changed all that! Why? The Busy Woman Planner is a planner you can customize to your specific needs. The Busy Woman Planner also has direct sales rep packages! How cool is that! For example there are contact page, business expense envelopes, mileage papers, and so much more! With tons of pages to select from you can be sure that The Busy Woman Planner can be customized to your life.

I now can keep all my soccer manager items, my AVON business contacts, my personal information for the kids and doctors in one convenient place. I even have the credit card holder and got rid of my wallet all I have to do is grab my planner and go!

There are budget pages for you to keep track of your monthly expenses, blank note pages for you to use anyway you need. So, if you are truly looking for an organizer that fits each and everyone of your life’s needs.

Susie is excellent; she called me to talk to me about what specific needs I had. She was very personable and I loved talking to her. I even got the planner CD that explains how to set up your planner. To listen to this CD makes you feel like Susie is in the room with you helping you set up the planner. I highly recommend you purchasing the CD when you purchase the Planner. Susie talks about what type of personality you are and the best way to set up your planner to go along with your personality type.

I am a type A, so that means I am highly organized and well too organized to where it seems I am not if that makes any sense. Susie showed me how to set up the planner to fit my personality and wow was she right, now all I have to do is go to each day or category to find exactly what I need. I ordered the planner and had it within 3 days! Talk about fast service :)

Prairie Kari Soy and Beeswax candles

Product Name: Prairie Kari Soy and Beeswax candles
Submitted by: Erica Johns; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: Soy and beeswax candles in a wide variety of wonderful scents.

Review: Scented candles have been popular for years, but we all hated the sooty residue on the sides of our candle jar and the way wax got built up along the edge of the candle so that we didn’t really get as much bang for our buck. Now SOY candles are here and they are WONDERFUL!

Soy candles produce no soot and burn evenly, so you never end up with a jar with tons of wax and no wick. Prairie Kari candles are made by hand by a mom of 5 who loves to produce high-quality items. Her candles contain only American soy and beeswax and special fragrances that are especially made for use in soy candles. They come in nice, homey glass jelly jars and smell just beautiful! They are perfect to stock up on for gift giving and to enjoy all over your home.

Prairie Kari owner Jill Evely takes pride in making products that are high quality and well done. She has excellent customer service and pricing. I highly recommend Prairie Kari candles!