New Product Review: Papasan Cradle Swing

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Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller – Product Review

I’ve just posted a new product review of the Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller:

Review: Baby Trend Latch Loc Infant Car Seat

Product Name: Baby Trend Latch Loc Infant Car Seat
Submitted by: Carrie Lauth; Dallas, GA
Rating: 10
Where to buy: Babies R Us ( We’ve compiled the latest Babies R Us Promo Codes here )

Description: The Baby Trend Latch LOC Car Seat is a latch compatible, 5 point harness infant safety seat. It features a base that stays in the car and attaches either with the LATCH (latches and tethers for children) system or with a seat belt, and a separate infant seat that can be used as a carrier. Also comes with a sun shade.

Review: I put a lot of emphasis on safety when it comes to my kids and their car seats. Before I purchase a safety seat I do research in Consumer Reports magazine.

The Baby Trend Latch-LOC was found to be one of the safest choices when run through their crash tests. The 5 point harness is also a great selling point, as these have been proven to be superior to the 3 point harness systems.

Also, I have found this car seat to be easy to use. It’s very simple to get a good, tight installation which is so important for baby’s safety.

For convenience the base can be attached to the car semi permanently and you can remove the infant seat to use on your shopping cart or if baby falls asleep in the seat and you don’t want to disturb him. You can purchase additional bases and install them in your other vehicle, so that you can easily move the seat from one car to another.

The sunshade is nice for preventing sunlight from getting hurting baby’s eyes.

Another thing I like about this seat is the easy to adjust headrest. It makes for a snug fit even for a newborn. And to raise or lower it, all you have to do is twist a knob in the back. It’s not necessary to rethread the straps through the back of the seat, which can be a real inconvenience.

The only drawback is that this seat is no longer being manufactured so it’s sometimes hard to find one.

Review Baby Cubes Baby Food

Product Name: Baby Cubes
Submitted by: Carrie Lauth; Atlanta, GA
Where to Buy:

Description: Baby Cubes are 100% certified organic, frozen baby food in a variety of fruit and vegetable flavors. There is nothing added – just pure produce and a little water. Baby Cubes arrive frozen solid in dry ice so they stay fresh.

Baby Cubes are made into small frozen cubes almost like ice cubes, so if you have a young infant, you won’t have to worry about waste or contamination like you would with traditional jarred baby food.

Review: I really like this product and my young taste testers, ages 16 months and 4 years, liked it too. The mango went over especially well, and my 4 year old even ate the golden beets. We used the apple to make a yummy smoothie.

The fruits and veggies are also 100% certified organic, which is great since the “organic” label can contain up to 30% of non-organic ingredients.

This is an awesome product for a busy Mom who is concerned about reducing her baby’s exposure to harmful pesticides. All you need to do is pop a cube or two into a bowl and let it defrost (or use the microwave if you prefer) and you have fresh, healthy organic produce for your baby or toddler.

Review: Britax Convertible Car Seat

Product Name: Britax Convertible Car Seat
Submitted By: Carrie Lauth; Dallas, GA
Rating: 10
Where to buy: (Current coupon codes and special offers from are here: ); [Editor’s note: BabyUniverse advertises the lowest prices for Britax online, and free shipping. Baby Universe Coupon Codes are here: )

Description The Britax Convertible Car Seat is a superior safety seat. It has several unique features that make it not only safer but more convenient to use.

Review: I put a lot of emphasis on safety when it comes to my kids and their car seats. Before I purchase a safety seat I do research online and in Consumer Reports magazine.

One seat that consistently outperforms other seats in crash tests are the Britax styles. Britax makes infant car seats, convertible seats for rear or forward facing (infants to toddlers up to 40 pounds) as well as booster seats for older kids that have a 100 pound weight limit.

The Britax models make it much easier to get a very secure, tight installation in most any vehicle. The 5 point harnesses the infant and convertible seats offer have been proven to be superior to the 3 point harness systems.

Britax seats offer features that are unlike other safety seats. One of these is the locking clips on the side of the seats. The shoulder straps of your car’s seat belt are threaded through these, and then they are locked. Other models require using a metal clip, these are very difficult to use. The lock off clips make it super easy to get that rock hard fit that you want in your seat. You can shake your Britax seat back and forth and it will not wiggle, but the entire car will rock. This ensures that the seat won’t wiggle out of place during an accident.

Britax car seats have deep side “wings” with foam that is engineered and tested for side impact protection. The restraint straps are designed to never twist… this is very important as twisted straps compromise safety. The straps are easy to loosen and tighten with a push button and front pull design. No more having to unbuckle the seat to adjust straps.

Another nice feature of the Britax convertible seat is the easy to adjust headrest. All you do is twist the large knob on the side to move the headrest up or down for your child’s comfort. No need to rethread the shoulder straps!

Britax offers all replacement parts on their website so if your car seat cover gets dirty you can replace it. You can even buy new harnesses (you know how filthy these can get with spilled milk and chocolate chips cookies mashed into them!), new pads that go under the cloth and new buckles.

Criticism: The only drawback with Britax models is the cost: they retail at nearly $200. But in my opinion, they are well worth spending the extra money for the peace of mind.

Review: Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers

Product: Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers

Rating: 9

Where to buy:

(Current coupon codes are here: )


Description: Fuzzi Bunz conists of a waterproof outer layer, and then they have a pocket, which contains a very absorbent removable liner. This liner is usually microfiber, so it’s very thin but highly absorbent. The diapers close with plastic snaps, so there’s no Velcro that often just ends up picking up lint from the dryer.

Review: The Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers are a wonderful cloth diaper system. They are more trim than most of the cloth diapers, yet they supeabsorbent. And because the absorbent layer is inside the pocket, your baby won’t feel the wetness against her skin. But because there are two parts to the diaper, it’s quicker to wash and dry them than other all-in-one diaper alternatives.

You can get Fuzzi Bunz in an assortment of colors. They are a little expensive, but they are such high quality that they can be used for more than one child.

More Reviewer Comments at here


Review: New Native Baby Carrier

Product Name: New Native Baby Carrier
Submitted by: Erica Johns ; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 10
Where to buy: ( Coupon codes for are here: )

Description: The New Native Baby Carrier is a well-made baby sling that comes in simple, high-quality fabrics including organic cotton. New Native Baby Carriers do not have any bulky padding or rings to worry about, nor do they come in juvenile prints that grown-ups don’t want to wear.

The New Native Baby Carrier has a deep pocket for you baby to be safely snuggled, keeping them cozy without you having to worry about them falling out.

The design of this sling is such that the baby’s weight is spread evenly across your back, rather than pulling on your shoulders.  I am not a fan of wearing my babies in a sling all day long, but for trips to the store, walks, and outings it has been truly indispensable to my family.  My husband has loved using this sling as well!

Review: As a mother of six children ages 3-14 I have seen and tried a lot of baby products and equipment.  If I had it to do all over again and could only get one item of baby equipment, it would be the New Native Baby Carrier.

New Native Baby Carriers have the deepest hammock pouch of all the slings I know of, so you can use it longer and more safely than other slings on the market.

You can also get your New Native Baby Carrier in the best size for your body, which works much better than a one-size-fits-all sling.  I have found that even though a large works well for me when my babies are older, I appreciate a medium sling for newborns.

My very favorite fabric choice is the organic cotton natural flannel.  This is the style I owned and wore for 3 slings and 5 babies.  (no, they did not wear out!  I gave one away and got one in a small size for when I had a premature baby)  Although it is off-white, it always looked good, cleaned up well, hid spit-up well, and was so soft and cozy that my babies and I always loved using it.

I truly LOVE to give the New Native Baby Carrier as a gift to expectant moms.  It is the best baby equipment item I could recommend!

Isis Breast Pump

Product Name: Isis Breast Pump
Submitted by: lindsay; Averill Park, NY
Rating: 8
Where to buy: Amazon ( coupons are here: )

Description: This manual pump is comfortable and easy to use it is not noisy or expensive. A silicone diaphragm creates a vacuum for reliable suction. The pump is compatible with all Avent bottle systems, making it easy to express milk directly into a bottle.

Review If you want a quiet pump, this is the pump for you. It’s not noisy or expensive and is reasonably comfortable. Easy to assemble and clean and very quick.

Modest Mums Nursing Covers

Product Name: Modest Mums Nursing Covers
Submitted by: Erica Johns ; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 8
Where to buy:

Description: Beautiful and practical nursing covers to help keep you covered up while your baby nurses. A wide variety of stylish fabrics are available and all styles are reversible.

Review: If you’ve ever been a nursing mother you know that although it’s natural, beautiful, and necessary, breastfeeding in public isn’t always comfortable. A little blanket or burp cloth can be ok for keeping things under wraps, but that only lasts as long as it takes for your little nursling to grow old enough to start flapping their arms around while they eat.

Modest Mums Nursing Covers are the perfect solution to this dilemma. These lovely, reversible covers are well-made, soft, and come in a wide variety of fabric types and prints in order to suit your personality and wardrobe. Although they easily roll right up into a small bundle that can easily fit in your purse, backpack, and diaper bag, it is wide enough when in use to cover you, your baby, and your post-partum love handles as well.

One of my favorite features about these covers is the neckline that features a flexible-but-firm wire of some sort (I assume plastic because it is nicely lightweight) that holds the fabric away from your body so that you can still make eye contact with your baby and make sure they are latched on correctly. I love it that the baby doesn’t have to have the fabric sitting right on their face, making them hot. They will get plenty of air flow while cozily tented under these covers.

Most mothers know that babies go through a stage when they are easily distractible while eating. When they hit that stage, even the most modest mother can find herself with her breast hanging out for all the world to see when her little 6 month old decides they have to break away from their meal to check out the noise they just heard. This cover is especially great for that time period, even for bottle feeding moms. Just the ability to cover the baby up, and to block out some of the light and visual stimulation can be a big help.

Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer

Product Name: Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer
Submitted by: Erica Johns; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 10
Where to buy: (Babies R Us Coupon Codes are here.)

Description: The Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer includes a thermal cooler and ice pack for keeping bottles cold, measured water vials, and the warming unit.

Review: When I was an exhausted mother of a premature baby that needed to be fed frequently through the night, this product was a life saver for me! Instead of having to get up frequently to get bottles from the fridge and warm them up, I never had to leave the comfort of my bed thanks to this gadget!

You just put your bottles into the cooler with the contoured ice pack, and when your baby needs to eat you can just reach over to your bedside table to take one out. You simply pour the water from one measured vial into the heating unit and then add the bottle. Press one button and wait just a minute or two until the bottle is nice and warm. By the time you change baby’s diaper the bottle is ready.

Though this product didn’t get great reviews at Babies R Us, I truly found it helpful and if I was in the same situation I would definitely buy another one. It sure beats sleepless nights!