Parents Young At Art

Product Name: Parents Young at Art
Submitted by: Candace Sabo; San Antonio, TX
Rating: 10
Where to buy: (Target Coupon Codes are here)

Description: The Parents Young at Art toy is a magnetized drawing board. It is the perfect size for little ones ages two to five. It’s bright and colorful and has a padded underside so it sits comfortably in a child’s lap without sliding around. It has a curved handle for easy carrying. It also has an automatic wind-up retraction erase lever. At the top of the toy there are four removable magnetic animal shapes to enhance any picture. It’s very affordable at $14.99.

Review: I absolutely LOVE this toy! We bought it for our two year old daughter, but all of our children, ranging in age from 14 to 2 want to play with this toy. We’ve owned Magnadoodles before, but this one far exceeds the others. We love the padded underside and the automatic retraction erase lever. We’re going to have to get the other children their own. The kids love the removable shapes to add to their creations! We definitely give this a 10!

Enchanted Learning Product Review

Product Name: Enchanted Learning
Submitted by: Alicia Bodine; Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: Enchanted learning costs $20 per year and has thousands of printables. From coloring pages, to academic research, you will find it all here. As a homeschool mom this resource is invaluable. As a teacher, this offers extra projects and fun activities for your class. If you are a mom, there are tons of printouts to use with your toddler. From shapes and counting to Science and History, everything you need is there.

Review: I have never found anything like this. I have recommended it again and again. It is perfect for anyone who has children or works with Children. I am not an affiliate for them, and I do not know the owners. I just believe in the printouts they sell. For $20 a year you have access to them all. Well worth it for help with my daughters school year.