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Here’s something that can help you plant seeds of social responsibility while engaging your children in discussion about the needs of kids all over the world.

Kids for Kids is a clothing line that features artwork made by children from different organizations. The sales of this clothing then supports these children in need around the world.

The name of the child-artist is printed on every onesie and tee that his or her drawing appears on. The orphaned child then receives recognition for his or her work of art and then provides a positive boost of self-esteem and life encouragement.

This interaction then opens a window of opportunity for parents to educate their children about less fortunate kids around the world as well as about responsible consumerism.

More About Kids for Kids: Founded by Iris Shiloh, Kids for Kids was inspired by Shiloh’s journey through India in 2010 with a focus of giving back to children who are less fortunate.

After visiting the Tibetan Children’s Village, a community that provides children with a loving and nurturing environment as well as Tibetan education and values, Shiloh became deeply passionate after meeting the children and dedicated staff of the village.

Kids for Kids donates 10% of sales to these organizations, creating a full circle of love.

Baby-suits are available in short and long sleeves with both unisex designs.  Available in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24, babysuits are 100% cotton and cost $20. T-shirts are available in unisex and girls.  Available in size 4 –8 and 10-12 coming soon.  T-shirts are 100% cotton and cost $20.

Kids for Kids are available at

Things we love – Making Food Faces

Ms. Food Face Plate
Good taste is a matter of play with this foodie-forward plate that just might make it easier for your toddler to sit down at the table. Endless ways to play “dress up” makes mealtime fun for your little miss by encouraging creative ways to use everyday foods as eyes, lips, hair, earrings or any imaginative add-on your little chomper can imagine. Mashed potato pearls? Sunny-side sunglasses? Broccoli bouffant? Your picky little eaters are sure to work up an appetite getting their creative juices flowing.  Comes with six stylish suggestions for playing with your food.

Mr. Food Face Plate
Naturally, there’s one for the boys, too. Inspired by the beloved Wooly Willy children’s toy.

Both the Mr. and Ms. varieties are Food-safe ceramic. Made in China. Machine washable, and dishwasher and microwave safe. Sold individually.

From Uncommon Goods > (One of our absolute favorite sites for gifts and creative goodies.)

Woodland Fairy Birthday Party Package for 10

One of my favorite things to do is put my feet up and browse the genius of people far more creative and talented than myself. And I just stumbled on this Fairy Nana Land shop on etsy, where I love every little thing.

If my little pixies could still fit into a girls size 6, I don’t think I’d be able to resist this Woodland Fairy Party Package for 10.

What an enchanting, memorable, magical (and easy) birthday party this would be for your little imp . You’ll get 10 woodland fairy costumes and accessories. Included in the package (and available in sizes from 2T to 6) is 10 tulle tutus bedecked with flowers and ferns and leaves, 10 ruffle sleeved leotards with leaves on and flowers on the neckline, 10 fairy wands, 10 fairy crowns and 10 fairy wings – with glitter and ribbons. And there are various add-ons, too, like fairy favor buckets and boas and glittery sunglasses. I can think of lots of little girls who would think this to be one heavenly birthday party.

If the price for this 10-pack package falls outside your fairy birthday party budget, you can also purchase costumes a la carte for your favorite little fairy – like this little number:

O be still my heart!

“My Heritage” Personalized Book for Kids

my heritage book

My Heritage Book

Children are full of questions:

Why is the sky blue?

Where do I come from?

This beautifully illustrated and educational book allows you to begin introducing them to their own unique cultural heritage.

When you order, you’ll be able to choose up to 4 countries, from which the child’s ancestors came. The “My Heritage Book” will come with information about the countries you’ve selected.

The book is further personalized with your child’s name printed through the book and includes a family tree that you can fill out with your child. The first page of the book includes a letter to the child from the gift-giver, personalized with the child’s first, optional middle, and last names, as well as your chosen date.

The completed book will be between 16  to 33 pages (depending on how many countries you have selected). Click here to see available countries for your Heritage Book.

The My Heritage Book is sold from Red Envelope, which is one of Momscape’s favorite online stores. Click here for to check for current Red Envelope coupons >

The Nod Chair

The Nod Chair from the Land of Nod

Nod Chair

If your kids are like mine, they love

a) a chair of their very own and

b) just about anything with their name on it.

The Nod Chair (from the Land of Nod) will soon be your child’s favorite seat in the house. It’s frameless and comfy, and each chair can be personalized with your child’s name (up to nine letters long).

Fabrics come in a variety of colors and prints (from the pink toile shown above to the blue and tan stripe – at right, Kids' Personalized Seating: Kids Personalized Blue and Tan Stripe  Nod Chairas well as a number of other prints and solids) so you can find one to suit each child’s personality.

Firm, polyfoam construction gives the cozy chairs support and durability, and there’s a pocket on the back that is an ideal place to tuck your child’s favorite book.

From the Land of Nod.

About the Land of Nod: The Land of Nod specializes in everything for your kids’ rooms, from unique quality furniture to bedding, accessories and baby gear – including unique and beautiful beds, bunks, bookcases, desks, play tables and chairs, cribs, dressers, wall décor, kids’ bedding, rugs and soft seating. The Land of Nod is also a great source for skin care products, and organic and eco-friendly products.

We like the Land of Nod so much that we publish special offers, when available here: The Land of Nod Promotions Page at Momscape.

Four Lovely New Books for Young Children


Here are four lovely new books for young children, with direct links to their descriptions at
Keep in mind that offers Free Super Saver Shipping on orders of $25 or more:


Pajama Mamas

Pajama Mamas
by Kate Spohn
With big flaps perfect for little fingers, this interactive board book portrays a series of sweet, hip mamas gently coaxing their children to bed. The art is lovely and the words are lyrical.

Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants

Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants

Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants
by J.D. Lester
Illustrated by Hiroe Nakata
We are always coming up with new endearing nicknames for our kids. This board book celebrates the sweetness of different nicknames with fun, rhyming prose that couples perfectly with Hiroe Nakata’s colorful illustrations. A great read-aloud book for little ones.


Baby Nose to Baby Toes

Baby Nose to Baby Toes
by Vicky Ceelen
Babies and toddlers will be surprised and delighted with these side-by-side photographs of babies and animals, which highlight their similarities. Simple rhyming text with oversized pages, perfect for little hands.


My Dance Recital

My Dance Recital
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
This is a perfect gift to commemorate a first dance recital. Pop-ups, pull-tabs, and lift-the-flaps make this interactive book a keeper. Kids will relive the fun and excitement of the special dance day again and again.

Yoga DVD for Kids: Product Review

Product Review
Gaiam Kids – Yogakids DVDs (set of 2)
Where to buy:
Review by: AHC Mom

We are more and more aware of the need for children of all ages to exercise to stay healthy in body and mind. Yoga is one type of exercise your kids will enjoy.

The Yogakids DVD (set of 2) is designed for young children aged 3 to 6 and is presented in a way that will be enjoyed by both, your children and yourself. You will love learning the fun poses with them. The exercises on the DVD will also instil in your children a good feeling about themselves, about their body, the joy of exercising and it will strengthen their mind.

The Gaiam Yogakids DVDs come in two DVDs, Yogakids 1 and Yogakids 2. The first DVD runs 40 minutes and will get your youngsters reenergized as they take their inspiration from Mother Nature.

They will use their imagination and roar like lions, stand like a flamingo, stretch like a cat and many more poses. The yoga instructor will expertly guide you and your child through yoga sets that are easily achievable for 3 to 6 year-olds.

Yogakids2 is 45 minutes long and uses the alphabet to teach basic yoga poses. Poses like the Jabberwocky Jellyfish, the volcano and more will be fun to do, and also inspire and delight your children. This DVD will challenge your children’s coordination, it will also increase their self-confidence and sense of achievement.

By investing in these DVDs you will get your kids moving and keep them happy and healthy in body and mind.

[Editor's Note: frequently offers coupon codes. Click here to check for current Gaiam coupons before you order. The link will open in a new window.]

YogaKids1 at

YogaKids2 at

YogaKids 3 from Silly to Calm at

Great Baby Shower Gift: Newborn baby clothes arranged to look like flowers

The Baby Bunch - Small Bunch (Infant) (Pink) - Apparel
Here’s a GREAT Baby Shower gift: It looks like a bouquet of flowers, but it’s baby clothes! The bouquet pictured above (the small bouquet) fits up to a 16 lb. baby and is made of 100% super soft cotton and machine washable. This small bunch contains:one pink comfy t-shirt, one pink warm hat, two pairs of stretchy socks and one bib. It’s a great way to give new parents the essentials they need – but still give a gift that’s artfully presented. The Baby Bunch – comes in boy and girl varieties, and in small and medium bouquets or buckets – you can even choose an organic variety. Here’s the direct link to this product at Click here to search by color and price.

Webkinz for Valentine’s Day

My kids love Webkinz, and they make great Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. They are inexpensive, and each one gives the kids access to an online world where they can take care of their pet. For Valentine’s Day, the Webkinz Love Puppy and the Webkinz Love Frog would be particularly nice. I’ve created an online store, filled with new Webkinz (as well as retired Webkinz), plus Webkinz clothes, charms, and trading cards.
Momscape’s Webkinz Store

Best Books for Kids of All Ages

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