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It’s no secret that I love books.

Love ‘em.

And there’s something about a used book, isn’t there? Something romantic about leafing through the wispy, yellowing pages and thinking about what past readers were thinking as they read. How this same book that you are holding in your hands may have changed someone’s perspective, maybe their lives. Someone you will never know.

While it’s fun to wander the aisles of used book stores, if you are looking for a specific title, you might be out of luck. But BetterWorldBooks will ship you the book, for free, and your purchase will be funding literacy efforts at the same time. is a for-profit social enterprise that collects used books and sells them online to raise money for literacy initiatives worldwide. You’ll get great bargains on used books – more than 6 million used and new titles. When you buy used books, you save money – and you keep books out of landfills while conserving resources. Plus, you’ll get free carbon-neutral shipping in the USA and $3.97 shipping worldwide. (Every order is shipped carbon neutral with offsets from

Better World Books also gives books directly to literacy projects. So far, the company has donated 3.3 million books to partner programs around the world. Literacy partners include: Books for Africa, Room to Read, Worldfund, the National Center for Family Literacy, and Invisible Children.

The next time you’re looking for a particular title, check first.

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Things We Love – Budget Celebrations: The Hostess Guide to Year-Round Entertaining on a Dime

Budget Celebrations: The Hostess Guide to Year-Round Entertaining on a Dime
Where to buy:
Review by: ACMom

Money is tight these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t invite our friends and families over to have a good time.

We simply need to know some budget-friendly strategies so we can have a great time – for less.

Budget Celebrations
is a great book with tons of advice on how to host parties all year round on a budget. It also gives helpful tips on how to plan ahead so you, the hostess, can enjoy a stress-free time at the party.

I particularly like the way the book is organized. For example, Chapter 1 is entitled: Halloween: Cast a Spell. Within this chapter you can read up on budget-friendly menus and recipes as well as low-cost decoration ideas to complement the occasion. Other chapters include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, 4th July and Special Occasions.

This book is a very helpful guide for anyone who likes to throw a good party, but is mindful of the cost. With the help of the Budget Celebrations book, you can have a fabulous time, without breaking the bank and your budget.

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101 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Today’s Momscape Product Pick: 101 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Review by: ACMom

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: or

101 Businesses You Can Start at With Less Than One Thousand Dollars: For Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own home-based business, so you can spend more time with your kids, this book is a great starting point.

The book gives good advice and answers questions you might have with regards to health care, retirement fund, the benefits but also the negative aspects of running a business from home. You will also be guided through a self-evaluation of your skills: what you have to offer, what you need to work on to be successful. You learn about advertising and marketing, business plans, licenses, taxes and most importantly how you plan to finance your business. The book gives ideas on where and how to find start-up capital.

In addition to all the advice, you will find 101 business ideas that you can start up with minimal investment. It’s up to you to decide which one is the one you will enjoy spending hours and hours developing and growing it. It has to be something you deeply care about in order for it to be successful. It can be a hobby or even a service you do for others.

Overall, this book will definitely give you lots of food for thought and should help you to decide whether running your own business, and which kind of business, is the right thing for you.

Here’s the product description and a direct “buy” link from

Most parents today have a tough time economically: they have to be at home raising their children so they cannot work much and the jobs that are out there are often part-time and low paying. Yet most families need two incomes today to get ahead. Detailed in this new book are over 100 business ideas that can be started for very little money and yet may provide parents with a lot more money than they would be paid by the hour. This is a collection of businesses selected especially for stay-at-home parents who are interested in augmenting their income. These businesses can be started with minimum training and investment and are all capable of producing extra income. Most can easily be operated by one person and eventually be sold for an additional profit. Many of these businesses can actually be started with less than one hundred dollars and some can really be started with next to nothing. All can be operated from home. Starting and managing a business takes motivation and talent. It also takes research and planning. This new book is intended to serve as a roadmap for starting your business. It is both comprehensive and easy to use.

Buy now at Borders.

This title is also available from here.

Old Fashioned Children’s Games – Today’s Product Pick

Old Fashioned Children’s Games – Over 200 Outdoors, Car Trip, Song, Card & Party Activities
Where to buy: Better World Books
Old Fashioned Children's Games

Remember “Farmer in the Dell”, “Kick the Can,” and “King of the Mountain”?

How about “Run Sheep Run” or “Slap Jack and Old Maid”?

If you long to go back to a simpler time with your kids – even for just an hour or two a week – brush up on your knowledge/memory of those so-called “old fashioned games.” These games are great for birthday parties – or just a Tuesday afternoon in the summertime when your kids are saying they’re bored. The games are cheap to play and don’t take a whole lot of equipment or even organization.

The book Old Fashioned Children’s Games is a book every modern family should own. In its pages, you’ll discover more than 200 games, songs and card games from “the olden days” that were popular then and will likely be every bit as popular with your little ones.

This book is a wonderful collection of good old-fashioned outside games, card games, singing games, campfire songs/games and party games everybody – old and young – can enjoy.

Here’s the Product Description direct from
“Whatever happened to the old-fashioned children’s games and songs? Old favorites like Kick the Can, Fox and Geese, and Red Rover encouraged camaraderie, physical activity, coordination and social interaction-as electronic and computer games never can. Family and campfire singalongs helped preserve the folksong and storytelling tradition while instilling in children a sense of community and a confidence in their musical capability. Writer and poet Sharon O’Bryan has gathered a collection of the old games and songs. She brings the old days back to life with instructions for outdoor games like King of the Mountain; car games like Graveyard; card games including Old Maid; and favorite party games such as Blind Man’s Bluff. Lyrics and music to singing games and campfire songs are added to this collection to offer old style amusement for every child and occasion.”

Buy it today from>

Momscape loves Better World Books. It’s the socially conscious consumer’s bookstore. Not only will you get a fair price on the books you want, you’ll fund literacy and care for the environment at the same time. offers some of the lowest shipping rates on the Web: free shipping in the United States, and $3.97 shipping worldwide.

New Book Recommendation: The Help

I just finished listening to a most wonderful audiobook: The Help, a debut novel by Kathryn Stockett.

The writing is superb, and the audio production is nothing short of exquisite. (I downloaded mine from audible.) I’ve been listening to the book each morning on my daily hikes deep in the woods, and I have found myself alternately weeping and snorting and cheering. My Labrador would keep turning back to make sure I was alright.

Now I am so sad it’s over.

The Help would make an excellent book club read, too. When you finish, I think you’ll find yourself wanting to talk about it with friends.

Learn more about The Help >
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Wish You Had More Time to Read? 4 Ideas

Do you love to read but don’t feel like you have enough time? Here are four of my favorite ways to get more reading in.

1. Download an audiobook. This is my favorite way to catch up on those books that I’ve been meaning to read. It seems like, even during my busiest days, there are times when I find myself wishing I could be doing something more productive. Maybe I’m waiting for the Girl Scout meeting to finish, or I’m organizing my junk drawer, or I’m taking the dog for a walk. When I have a good audiobook, time seems to fly right by. Another bonus: I find that if I have something really juicy and suspenseful on my iPod, I will go for a longer run than I would otherwise (so my leg muscles and my Labrador both benefit.)

You can actually get free audiobooks in a number of different ways. First, check your local library for books on CD or books on tape. Some libraries even have a way that you can download audiobooks via their website. (Typically, you can listen only for a specific period of time, because you are borrowing the audio and not purchasing it.)

You can also get select titles (both human-read and computer-read) free through Project Gutenberg as well as through, where volunteers read chapters from public domain titles. The New York Times has a free collection of author interviews and readings here that you might enjoy.

You can pay to download audiobooks individually through websites such as iTunes, eMediaExpress and audible. If you find yourself paying for more than one audiobook each month, you will probably save money by paying for a monthly subscription to an audio book website, such as and My favorite (and the membership site that I belong to) is You’ll pay a monthly fee (pricing depends on how many books you plan to download per month), but you save big over purchasing each title ala carte.

If you are going on a road trip, remember that Cracker Barrel restaurants have an audio book program, Basically, you purchase an audio book on CD at one Cracker Barrel and then return the book at the next Cracker Barrel. They refund the purchase price, minus $3.49 for each week you’ve had it. (Details are subject to change. Visit Cracker Barrel for all the current details.)

kindle.jpg2. Get a Kindle. The Kindle wireless reading device is a beautiful thing. It’s lighter than a paperback, thin as a magazine, and it holds some 1500 books. The new version, Kindle 2.0, will even read to you. The price has come down to $259, and it’s fabulous – so if you read a lot, it might well be worth it. It ships for free, if that helps. :)

3. Subscribe to PhilosophersNotes. If you love self-development titles but don’t have a lot of time, give Philosopher’s Notes a try. Creator Brian Johnson artfully distills his favorite and most life-changing books to a 6 page PDF and a 20 minute mp3 recording. At the time of this writing, you can get 52 notes (includes both the PDFs and mp3s) for $20, but Johnson is adding new notes all the time, so these details are subject to change. I find that these are great to listen to again and again.

4. Stash books everywhere. I have a book in my glovebox, and another by my bedside. I have a book near my stove and another near the couch. Some books are good enough that I take them everywhere. Others, I keep where I will enjoy them most. For example, I can’t read Harry Potter right before bed or I end up dreaming about basilisks, so I keep that where I can sneak in a few pages during the day – and I keep something a little more  dreamy and inspirational by my bedside.

I hope you find lots of extra time to read the world’s wonderful books.

Kindle 2: The Wait is Over!


Kindle 2 is here!
The wait is finally over. Kindle 2.0 is currently in stock and is only $259 with FREE shipping.

Last year, Oprah called the Kindle one of her favorite gadgets, and now it’s new and improved with a longer battery life, a sleeker design, and more enhancements.
The new Kindle 2 is as thin as a magazine and lighter than a paperback, yet it holds more than 1500 books! (That means the new Kindle 2 has 7 times more storage than the original Kindle.)
Kindle side view
The Kindel 2 also has faster page turns and a longer battery life along with an advanced display for clearer text and images. You can read in sunlight with no glare, and Kindle 2 will even read to you. This Text-to-Speech feature works with books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

This new Kindle still has all the things that everyone loved about the original wireless reading device – the convenience of reading what you want when you want it. (You can get a book delivered wirelessly in less than one minute with no PC required, and you won’t have any wireless bills. No data plans or commitments.)

The Kindle store at amazon now has more than 230,000 titles available. Prices of each title varies, but most are quite low. Most New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases, for example, are just $9.99.

With all of these improvements over the previous version of Kindle, the price has stayed the same. If you’re an avid reader, you want one of these gadgets. Just $259 and it ships free. Click here to learn more >

You can also get a used (and new) versions of the original Kindle. Prices fluctuate. Click here for today’s best price on the original Kindle at amazon.

Ode Magazine: One of Our Favorite Things

I can’t remember where I picked up my first copy of Ode Magazine. I actually think I was drawn in by the subtitle: “For Intelligent Optimists.” I guess I like to think that this describes me.

We have subscribed to the print publication for a couple of years, and my husband and I have both been impressed with each issue. It’s actually the only magazine that we both read, and it never fails to spark some great and meaningful discussions between the two of us – and with our kids, too.

Ode magazine is unique in that it aims to spotlight the ideas and the people who are changing the world. The magazine brings news about positive social and economic change, covering everything from politics and finances to environmental/energy issues as well as social and consumer issues.

The tone of the magazine is refreshing and simple, even inspiring -  and the writing is exceptional.  Author Paulo Coelho (perhaps best known for his book The Alchemist) is a monthly columnist and never disappoints. And Juriaan Kamp’s Letter from the Editor is always insightful. Here’s a quote from the January/February 2009 issue in which Kamp is explaining why they chose the name Ode for the magazine: “Ode isn’t just a magazine,” Kamp writes. “We stand for the celebration of life. We cherish beauty, joy, friendship and love. We look for possibilities and opportunities. We want to make things cleaner, greener, healthier, more just and sustainable—and more fun.”

I enjoy Ode for the way it expands my perception to be more global in scope – as well as for the way it helps me to focus on the good. It does quite a bit to help me realize, after tuning in to more mainstream media outlets, that maybe the world is going to be okay, after all. That there are lots of good people doing lots of good things all over the world, all the time. And it inspires me to learn about and be a part of that movement myself. I guess you could say that it brings out the intelligent optimist in me.

Ode also has an online component with an active community of readers that communicate and socialize about the issues. Take a few minutes to check out the website:

At the site, you can subscribe for free to Ode’s Weekly Digest – a weekly update on featured articles from the magazines as well as ideas from the online community.

They have also just launched a Daily e-newsletter, which brings you a brief summary of the positive stories that are being reported around the world.
Ode Magazine’s Newsletters
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Seeing the Everyday

Every now and then something comes across my desk that is so perfectly aligned with my mission and the way that I seek to live my life that I simply can’t wait to tell you about it.

Seeing the Everyday is one such magazine. It is a quarterly ad-free publication that is nothing short of gorgeous.

The magazine’s website describes it this way: “Seeing the Everyday is dedicated to revealing the power and importance of the seemingly small moments of life.”

The entire package – from the writing to the photography to the design – is beautiful in its simplicity, just as is a home life that is well tended and a life that is well lived.

This magazine has a permanent home on my coffee table. It leaves you with a greater sense of reverence for family and those little moments that make up your life. It is a beautiful reminder of the way in which the smallest everyday moments and everyday choices with our children and with our spouse add up to being the most important things we will ever do.

Visit the site for a PDF sample or to subscribe >

How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet

Just as when you are starting any kind of business, building a business on the Internet takes a great deal of persistence, hard work, and know-how, and the “business opportunity” genre online is so clogged with scams and get-rich-quick schemes that it can be really hard for anyone to know where to start and whom to trust.

Here I want to share some resources that I would recommend to anyone getting started with an online business, depending on your experience level going in:

1. How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet by Kathy Wilson

If you have always wanted to run your own online business, but you don’t know your PPCs from your PDFs, this book can provide the basics for you.

Toward the beginning of the book, you’ll find a rundown of common Internet terminology so you can get an overview of what you’ll be learning about, and you’ll have a good glossary to refer to as you progress through the book.

The book covers how to choose the topic of your online business (with a number of sample ideas.) The book also covers the business details (such as licensing, accounting, taxes and taxes) as well as how to build your online business and how to promote it on a shoestring.

At 105 pages, How Any Woman Can Learn to Make Money on the Internet is a good basic guide that can get you started on the right path, and the price is just right for people just starting out.

Price: We’ve arranged so Momscape visitors get 25% off, bringing the price of the book to $24.95. Click here for details.

Format: PDF – available for instant download

2. The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I made $436,797 in one year selling other People’s Stuff, by Rosalind Gardner

If you have a basic understanding of your computer and the Internet, as well as the different revenue streams that are possible with an Internet business, you would be well served by going for something a bit more comprehensive. You might want to start with Wilson’s book, above, and consider adding this to your library as your experience grows. (Wilson also recommends Gardner’s book in her ebook.)

For anyone who is serious about increasing revenue online through affiliate marketing, Gardner’s guide is an absolute must-have. I bought the PDF years ago at full price (twice what it is today) and even that proved to be a bargain. I refer to it often and it has paid for itself many, many times over.

Gardner knows of what she speaks. She has been one of the Internet’s most successful affiliate marketers for years.

Price: $47 (at the time of this writing). Click here for details.

Format: PDF – available for instant download

3. Home Based Working Moms

Home-Based Working Moms (HBWM) is an online community and professional organization that provides support, networking, advertising options, information, as well as a monthly newsletter and other member benefits.

HBWM does not provide jobs, but is a reputable group for those of us who are working from home. It’s nice to network with others who share your goals and vision.
You may have heard about them through the eDirectory of Home Based Careers (which is similar to a national yellow pages of home based careers, and it’s free. You can download it here.

Learn more about Home Based Working Moms here.

I’ll keep adding resources here as I come across those that I think you can benefit from.