Christening Gift Ideas

Guest Post by Rebecca Jensen.
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A baptism or christening is a special and significant event, marking the entry of a child into the path of faith. As per usual with such events, the child and the parents are presented with gifts to celebrate this milestone in their lives, and for friends, family, and well-wishers, the question becomes: What do we get them? As with any gift, what you choose will depend on both what the recipient is like and on your budget and preferences, but here are a few ideas—traditional and not-as-traditional—to get you started.

Children’s Bible, Children’s Book of Bible Stories: This kind of gift is by far one of the most popular for this particular occasion. The baptism has just taken place, symbolizing the entry into a life of devotion to God; what could be more fitting than to give a gift that helps foster that devotion? Bibles and books of Bible stories geared toward children can be very visually appealing and help the child learn lessons from the word of God even when they are very young.

Christian Jewelry: Sterling silver jewelry is a classic choice because it can be personalized and serves as a beautiful and lasting keepsake of the event. Popular choices include bracelets with the baby’s name (these can be for mom too!), cross pendants, or other jewelry with charms of religious significance. Keepsake boxes are also bought in addition to jewelry to help keep track of it until the child is old enough to appreciate it. Depending on the religious denomination, a child’s rosary might also be a fitting gift in this category.

Memory book: A memory book is not necessarily christening specific; it can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Friends and family can write letters to the child and memories of their special day, and later the parents of the child can add pictures and keepsakes to complete this customized and cherished gift.

Keepsake toys: Silver rattles are a popular choice. Plush toys, like soft lambs or bears, are a softer and more cuddly option. Of course, when choosing plush toys, check for any parts that may fall off (or be chewed off) that may pose a choking hazard. Make sure the toy is wire-free, sturdily constructed, and washable, if possible, to endure lots of hugging.

Photo-related items: Photo-related items are a given for any memorable occasion. Photo frames and albums give the parents of the child a way to preserve and display memories of this special day. A picture of Jesus to place in the child’s room might be a thoughtful gift as well.

Shadow box: Shadow boxes are another form of memory gift that have limitless possibilities. A shadow box can be a beautiful way to display the christening gown and other mementos from the christening day.

Savings bond: Presenting a savings bond to the parents for their child is more practical than sentimental, but can be of lasting value and symbolizes your concern and care for the child’s future and seeing him or her through life.

There are many options available for christening gifts, but whatever you choose, remember that if you present it with thoughtfulness and love, your gift will be appreciated by those who receive it.

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