Celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

Today is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) to encourage women to take control of their health. Over 1,000 local community locations across the country including hospitals, health clubs, park and recreation departments, schools, retirement communities and more will host various events that promote physical activity and educate women how to make smarter health choices.

If you can’t find an event nearby, read on for a few ideas on how to celebrate:

Educate yourself
There are tons of magazines, websites and newspaper columns dedicated to heath and fitness that offer tips on nutrition, exercise and how to lower stress. Oxygen Magazine, for example, features video tutorials to teach you how to properly and effective complete certain workout moves. You could also sign up to receive daily emails containing the most current health news and fitness tips from your favorite online magazine so you never miss an important article.

Join a gym
If you have considered joining a health club, there’s no better time than today to do it! Shop around first though because you want to make sure to find the right gym with classes and instructors who suit your needs. Many facilities offer trial memberships like a free three-day pass or complimentary two-week trial, so call around to find out about the deals offered among health clubs in your area.

Try something new
If you are an avid runner or a regular gym rat, it is time to switch up your workout routine before it starts feeling stale. Explore speciality facilities that offer something you’ve never done before like Bikram Yoga, Spinning, Tai Chi or P90X. Switching up your exercise routine will keep you from getting bored, will guard you against injury and will keep you challenged. Check daily deal sites like LivingSocial for current fitness deals. You can score a deal like 3 yoga classes for just $16!

Encourage your gal pals
Today is a great time to get your friends together for an outdoor activity, and to encourage any ladies who have been lazy about being active. Invite a few gal pals to go on a walk or a hike and end the evening with a healthy meal at one of your favorite restaurants or cook something delicious together. You can find a ton of quick and healthy recipes at CookingLight.com.

Sweat in style
Women’s fitness gear is cuter and cuter each year. From brightly-colored sneakers to sleek, moisture-wicking tanks and slimming workout pants, there are so many exercise clothing and accessories options to keep you looking stylish even when you’re breaking a sweat. Check out this list of recommended women’s fitness gear to start working out in style. Look at these on Pinterest.

Download a fitness app
Whether it’s for the music or tracking calories, your mobile device is a popular and encouraging workout tool. Finding the right workout app that suites your needs can help you manage your exercise and health goals more effectively. For instance, Digifit’s iCardio is an all-in-one fitness-tracking app that measures and monitors exercise activities like walking, hiking, running, biking, and even kickboxing in real-time. The app features a built-in GPS that enables route mapping, and displays your speed, pace, distance, elapsed time, heart zone and approximated calorie burn in real time as well with voice feedback. The optional heart-rate monitor lets you tune your exercise practice even further and provides more accurate stats on the number of calories you burn during each workout.

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