Quick & Easy Recipe – Easy Apple Tart

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for those chill fall days (coming soon!)

Easy Apple Tart


1 whole Sheet Puffed Pastry, Cut Into Half Or Thirds
4 whole Apples, Cored, Halved, And Sliced, But Not Peeled
1 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Salt

Preheat oven to 415 degrees.

Place puffed pastry rectangles onto a baking pan that’s been sprayed with nonstick spray. Add sugar and salt to apples. Stir to combine. Allow to sit for a few minutes.

Arrange apple slices on the pastry rectangles in a straight line, overlapping as you go. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, or until pastry is puffed and golden brown.

Remove from pan immediately and place on a serving platter. Serve plain, with caramel topping, whipped cream, or a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

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5 Tips for Better Understanding Your Teenager

Do you ever feel like your connection with your teen is slipping? Here are five tactics for stopping the slip…steps you can take to get closer to them and to better understand them.

#1 Ask Questions and Listen

The first step to understanding your teen is to ask questions. Now there’s a strategy here. Many teens give yes/no answers when you ask them a question. The trick is to do it when they’re more likely to open up. Driving in the car seems to be a good time.

When you ask questions, make sure to listen to the answers – even if you don’t understand half of the words they’re using. It’s okay to ask for clarification. As you’re listening, take mental notes. They’ll come in handy in the next step.

#2 Google It!

If you have no idea what your child is talking about, Google it. Google the things they express interest in, the people, and even the language they use. The Urban Dictionary can be incredibly useful. For example, “Feels” – A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained. “Watching Back to the Future gives me all sorts of nostalgic feels.”

#3 Listen

One of the best ways to better understand your teen is to listen in to see what they’re talking about with their friends, and what kinds of things their friends are involved in. Try to be around them when they’re with their friends. Attend events with them. Volunteer to drive them and their friends to events. And encourage them to invite their friends over.

#4 Get Involved

Start taking an active interest in your teen’s interests. For example, if they’re involved in the local drama club then volunteer to help out with the club. If they are active online and have their own YouTube channel, then by all means watch that channel but also watch the other YouTubers that your child follows.

#5 Relax

Each generation has their own trends, language, and interests. Guaranteed, when you were a teenager your parents thought you were from another planet as well. It’s the way of the world. It’s okay to not be able to completely relate with your teenager. In fact, it’s normal.

Do what you can to connect with them. Let them know that you’re interested in their lives and then relax. You don’t need to be a friend with your teenager, nor do you need to share the same interests. It’s enough to let them know that you care.

For further reading:

10 Best Gifts for Your Teen: Raising Teens with Love and Understanding
10 Best Gifts for Your Teen: Raising Teens with Love and Understanding
Price: $11.11
Patt and Steve Saso navigated all the parenting perils from infancy to preteen insecurity, but nothing could prepare them for the unpredictability of adolescence. One day their teenager might say, “I love you,” after the morning ride to school, and the next he might sit in the back seat, sulking in silence. In their new book, 10 Best Gifts For Your Teen, the Sasos offer valuable advice to help families maintain strong relationships through the often turbulent teenage years. Combining Patt’s expertise as a marriage and family therapist with Steve’s experience as a high school educator, the Sasos share personal and professional anecdotes in this dispatch from the parenting trenches, detailing what adolescents want and need from their parents for emotional support. Teenagers will test the limits. Parents will make mistakes. But no matter how distant and resentful they appear to be, or how disrespectful of parental authority, teenagers internalize their parents’ words and actions. 10 Best Gifts For Your Teen – which include respect, room, role-modeling, responsibility and reconciliation – teaches parents how to relate when needed, and to relent when necessary, offering support without infringing on their teenagers’ burgeoning sense of freedom. Patt and Steve Saso have shared their wisdom through their Saso Seminars, providing inspiration and information to help parents raise respectful and successful children. And now, with 10 Best Gifts For Your Teen, they have given a gift to parents across the country who want their teenager’s transition from childhood to adulthood to be a smooth and rewarding one.

Helping Your Troubled Teen: Learn to Recognize, Understand, and Address the Destructive Behavior of Today's Teens and Preteens
Helping Your Troubled Teen: Learn to Recognize, Understand, and Address the Destructive Behavior of Today’s Teens and Preteens
Price: $8.94
The first “adolescent primer” on the market Destructive trends among today’s youth are growing, making life very different from when their parents were growing up. The primary four self-destructive behaviors in adolescence today are excessive alcohol and substance abuse, promiscuity, self mutilation (ie: cutting and burning), and eating disorders. These will be covered in detail, along with other issues like Internet addiction and suicide. These problems are not only detrimental to teens’ mental and physical health, but the legal consequences for injurious behavior have also changed. Identification and prevention are the most important aspects in stopping teenage self-destructive behavior. This book offers a comprehensive look at teens self destructive behavior and gives parents solutions for dealing with it. Helping Your Troubled Teen instructs parents on how to identify an at-risk adolescent and discuss warning signs of injurious behavior, before the problem(s) become severe enough that a child is in crisis and/or legal actions are taken against them. Personal anecdotes and testimonials from both parents and their teenagers who have been confronted with and have engaged in self-destructive behavior are also included. McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric teaching facility of Harvard Medical School. Founded in 1811 as the original psychiatric department of the MGH, it moved to Belmont in 1895. McLean Hospital operates the largest psychiatric neuroscience research program of any Harvard University-affiliated facility and of any private psychiatric hospital in the country. The Child and Adolescent Program at McLean Hospital is one of the foremost clinical programs for helping young people and their families cope with psychiatric illness and the challenges it often brings. There are extensive ties with community services, and each therapeutic program of children and adolescents in inpatient, residential and outpatient services is tailored to the specific needs of the child and family.

Recipe – Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

Treat your family to this decadent dessert!

Recipe: Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream

2/3 cup white sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 egg yolks, beaten
2 2/3 cups heavy cream
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips

In large bowl, stir together sugar and cocoa. Add egg yolks and blend with electric mixer. Add cream a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Chill mixture in refrigerator.

While cream mixture is chilling, grate chocolate chips in blender or food processor or using a rotary grater, until fine. Stir into cream mixture. Freeze in canister of ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Looking for a simple ice cream maker that involves the kids in the process?
We love our Ice Cream Ball – available online at Walmart.com:

Play & Freeze 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker Ball, Purple
Play & Freeze 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker Ball, Purple
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Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball:
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Approx 9″ diameter ball
Makes a quart in about 30 minutes
No electricity needed
Made of durable co-polyester
Lightweight, portable and easy to clean
Weighs about 3 lbs. empty; 9 lbs. full
Great for camping, picnics, parties and more
Includes recipe list

Also available in a pint size:

Play & Freeze 1-Pint Ice Cream Maker Ball
Play & Freeze 1-Pint Ice Cream Maker Ball

Recipe – Easy Chicken Marbella

How to Make: Easy Chicken Marbella

Here’s an easy (mostly make ahead) dinner for those busy back to school nights.

What You Need
1-1/2 cups pitted prunes
1 cup  balsamic vinaigrette dressing
¾ cup stuffed green olives, sliced
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp. dried oregano leaves
3 bay leaves
8 chicken thighs (3 lb.)
½ cup dry white wine
½ cup packed brown sugar
¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

How to Make It
Combine prunes, dressing, olives, garlic oregano and bay ; pour over chicken in baking dish. Refrigerate 4 hours to marinate, turning chicken occasionally.
Heat oven to 350ºF. Drizzle wine over chicken; sprinkle with sugar.

Bake 1 hour or until chicken is done (165ºF). Discard bay leaves. Drizzle sauce over chicken; top with cilantro.

Things We Love – Lunchskins

Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Berry Flower, 1 ea
Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bags

Are you tired of spending a fortune on disposable sandwich and snack bags? It’s not only expensive; each plastic sandwich bag ends up in landfills. They take decades to degrade and just aren’t good for our environment. Each day more than 20 million single-use plastic sandwich bags end up in U.S. landfills. This year you can send your children to school with reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Lunch Skins are reusable sandwich bags. They come in fun colors and patterns so boys and girls of all ages will feel confident at the school lunch table.

The bags are dishwasher safe and easy to clean…so easy that your children can clean them without your help! And they’re safe to use. They’re moisture-proof, lead-free, bpa-free, and phthalate-free. You can pack your children’s lunches and feel confident that they’re safe. Each bag is hand sewn and has a hook and loop velcro closure.

If you use three disposable bags a day, at twenty cents a day, you’re spending about sixty cents each day or more than $200 a year. A pack of 3 LunchSkins cost around $25. Even if you buy 5 complete sets or 15 bags, you’re saving more than $75 annually. It’s a huge savings and a great way to reduce your families footprint.

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Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Red Apple, 1 ea
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Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Green Bud, 1 ea

Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Berry Flower, 1 ea
Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Berry Flower, 1 ea

Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Green Lizard, 1 ea
Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Green Lizard, 1 ea
Price: $8.99
Reusable Sandwich bags Reusable cloth pouches for sandwiched & snacks. Saves Thousands of plastic bags Certified food-safe fabric Hand sewn in the USA Dishwasher-safe Quick-drying, lightweight cotton fabric Replaces hundreds of plastic baggies Lead-free, BPA-free and Phthalate-free 6.5 x 6.5 inches with fold over flap and snug hook & loop closure grow a little greener™ Whether you care

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Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Navy Blue, 1 ea

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Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Berry Dot Snack, 1 ea

Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Berry Flower, 1 ea
Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Berry Flower, 1 ea

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Lunchskins Sandwich Bag, Red Bird, 1 ea

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Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Navy Blue Stripe, 1 ea

Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Aqua Polka Dot, 1 ea
Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag, Aqua Polka Dot, 1 ea

Helping Your Kids with Life’s Transitions

Life is full of transitions – from preschool to kindergarten, middle school to high school, and many times they can be very challenging. Parents can help with the emotional challenges of transitioning, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to help.

Here are some tips on how you can help your kids make those important transitions.

Preschool to Kindergarten

Here may be one of the first big transitions in your child’s life. The emotional challenges of this age involve separation anxiety and social readiness (or unreadiness). Here are some tips.

* Tour the school with your child over the summer before he or she begins kindergarten. Familiarizing her with the teacher, classrooms, playground, and overall layout of the school will help a lot.

* Understand her feelings, say experts. Parents may get impatient with separation anxiety and tears, but if you’re going to support your child, it’s a good idea to understand where she’s coming from. Talk about how she feels, and help her put words to the feelings (that can be hard at this age). This helps her identify the feelings which may make them less scary.

Grade School to Middle School

This can be a big one. It’s an emotional age at this point, so parents would do well to prepare themselves. Some of these tips may help.

* Understanding feelings is important at this age, too, but it’s not the same as going from preschool to grade school. Obviously, your child doesn’t need words to identify what he’s feeling. As a parent, you can help by recognizing the priority shift your child will have. His emotions are more focused on peers and the opposite sex than they were in grade school.

* Asking questions without judgment can help parents connect emotionally with their kids during transitional challenges. Try to find out what your child’s concerns, fears, and apprehensions are, as well as the things he is looking forward to and is excited about.

Middle School to High School

Kids start feeling independent and “grown up” about this time. Here are some tips on dealing with this transition.

* Help them solve their own problems. At this point, calling the school for every complaint may not help your child. The transition may be smoother if you can offer some problem solving skills and strategies to help your child help herself. This is an opportunity to help your child come up with a plan to help solve the issues at hand.

* Go to orientation if it’s offered. If it’s not, tour the school. Find teachers and advisors who can talk to your student about her fears and concerns, which will help alleviate some of those concerns. Many times, kids fear high school for reasons that really aren’t realistic.

High School to College

Sending your child off to college is a big step! How can parents help their increasingly-independent child with this transition? Here are some tips.

* Validate your child’s feelings about this big change. It may be tempting to blow off their problems – they don’t have “real problems” grown-ups may think – but remember your college-aged kids don’t have the life experience and frame of reference that you do. Being patient with their concerns can help make their transition smoother. Let them vent!

* Keep in touch with care packages and special gifts at key times (like final exams or his birthday). This helps support them more than you may know!

A Mom’s Guide to Making New Friends

A woman’s friends can change her life. They support you when you’re down and they help lift you up. Studies have shown that women with strong friendships live longer. They certainly laugh more. Yet making friends when you’re a mom can be a little challenging.

#1 The Challenges of Making New Friends

Many moms live a giving existence. They give 100% of their life to their children and family. This of course leaves very little time, or energy, to take care of themselves. If you’re working full time, or even part time, then not only is there no time to make friends, there’s just no energy left. Your family and career take priority. Finally, it can be difficult to find women who share the same interests and outlook. It’s often difficult to meet people.

So how do you do it? How do you meet people and make friends?

#2 Do What You Love

The best place to meet like-minded people is to follow your heart. Do what you love and you’ll meet others along the way. For example, if you enjoy knitting then take knitting classes, teach them, or join a knitting group. You’ll meet other women who share the same passion.

#3 Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet truly wonderful people. And you don’t have to make it a huge commitment. Volunteer once a month at your church, child’s school, or even at the local hospital or animal shelter. You’ll meet people and maybe make a few good friends.

#4 Join, Get Out, and Get Active

What are you interested in? What do you want to learn, do, or experience? Make a list and start ticking items off of that list. For example, maybe you want to learn to rock climb or you want to start running. Get out and start doing those things. You’ll meet people along the way who share the same interests and experiences. Connect with them. Reach out and start conversations.

#5 Be Neighborly

Your next best friend may live down the street. They may be a neighbor. Start connecting with people in your community. Attend neighborhood events. Join neighborhood groups and connect with the people around you.

#6 Reaching Out

Putting yourself out there is the first step. Once you’ve put yourself in a position to meet people, the next step is to actually reach out to them. That means introducing yourself. It also means being someone who shows genuine interest. Ask questions when you’re meeting people. Listen to their answers. And finally, invite people to do things. For example, if you’re at the rock climbing gym taking a group lesson, suggest that a few of you go out for coffee, happy hour or set up an outside rock climbing adventure. Take initiative.

Making friends can take a bit of time and courage. It also takes persistence to maintain the friendships. However, it’s well worth the effort. There’s nothing better than being able to turn to your friends in times of need. Sharing joy, tears, and laughter with friends really is the best medicine

Things We Love – How to Start Your Own Online Business


“Are You Finally Ready to Start and Grow Your Own Online Business?”

Have you ever wanted to start your own online business?

To do so, you need to know…

How to clearly identify your unique, money-making business idea (the one that makes time fly by – not slowly drag on forever and make you want to run away)
Why “following your passion” can sometimes be your biggest mistake
How to take that first “right idea” – and expand it into something even more exciting
How a little structure can free you up to be as creative and spontaneous as you please
How knowing only the first part of the equation is the reason things never seem to “add up”, when you’re struggling to complete the question
Why the secret “second part” is what successful people always seem to know
What most people know about researching a business idea doesn’t include that invisible extra step successful people always take

Obviously you can’t learn everything you need to know about running a successful business in one day!

But you can do it in four weeks.  Right?

Why Knowing These Key “Landmarks” Can Help You Set Yourself Up for Genuine Success

What you need is a way to sneak-peek ahead.  A way to see what it actually feels like to be where your dream lifestyle should one day appear.

A point where you’re:

Owning a business that is largely self-sustaining
Running a business you enjoy so much, time flies by.
Achieving recognition and success – knowing you’ve helped others to do the same
Becoming a role model to your kids (while spending a lot more time with them and enjoying every moment)
Making the income you want – and ensuring it’s there for life

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know to Set Up Your Dream Business

You need an overview – and knowing what to set up at the right time to make things happen in the not-too-distant future.

Things like…

Identifying your unique, money-making business idea – and then taking it one magic step beyond
Planning your ideal business so that smaller steps to get there always feel logical and right to take
Setting up business models and systems that will help you achieve consistent growth and income
Marketing strategies you can implement and build, to attract your targeted clients and customers

And that’s exactly what How to Start an Online Business: Ideas, Strategies and Tricks from the Pros is going to help you create.

It’s from the editors of HomeBusinessHowTos.com, and it’s a complete business course you can work your way through in four weeks (or less) – though I recommend you don’t rush it.  Just work your way through the steps one at a time – and watch your confidence grow.

Download How to Start an Online Business: Ideas, Strategies and Tricks from the Pros right this minute… because you’ve nothing to lose (it’s backed by a full, 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.)

This four-part course will help you…

Make Sure Your New Online Business is More than Just a Job

By the end of this easy, step-by-step course, you will have learned…

Module #1

“How to Identify Your Money-Making Business Idea”

How to find something better and even more satisfying than the dangerously misleading “follow your passion” myth
The three-step brainstorming system that is so simple, you’ll wonder why people don’t do it more
Seven questions you have to ask yourself, in order to make sure you’re “on the money”
The single most important fact to check, before rushing ahead on a seemingly-flawless idea
Taking stock of your ideas and chances — the simple worksheets that makes this a piece of cake
Two ingredients you have to add, to make sure your business recipe stands out
Two infallible resources to check, if you want to see what’s selling in your market (and how much for)

Six easy ways to find and research your target market

After completing a simple assignment that will help cement what you’ve learned firmly in your head, you’ll progress on to…

Module #2

“Planning Your Ideal Business

Two things you have to look for, if you’re in the position of really needing money and income NOW
Whether or not to quit your day job — and how to avoid “all or nothing” thinking
A totally under-used resource for finding quality projects and clients — and it’s right there, hiding in plain sight!
How to get quick cash in without accidentally sabotaging your future business empire
Two things successful entrepreneurs never say – and one action they always take
The secret of entrepreneurial thinking — and the one seemingly-insignificant step you have to take, before you can create
How to make “quick cash” ideas actually enhance your long term plans
Planning for additional streams of income — why everyone should do it (and how)
How changing one word in your question can open up new vistas of possibility
The simple strategy to make things happen five times faster than you thought they would
Eight mistakes you never want to make – and five basic actions you need to take

You’ll really be on a roll, by the time you race through…

Module #3

“Business Models and Systems for Consistent Growth & Income

Seven business models that naturally generate recurring income
One particular source of recurring income all online entrepreneurs need to add
Ten ways to make it easy for your affiliates — and what’s “in it” for them besides the cash
Resources you can use — and what to do if you really don’t want to
Three highly effective ways to bring in affiliate commissions yourself — and nine clear steps for making Amazon mini-sites a viable business in their own right
Why membership sites are a “natural”, no matter what your business — and the right time to add them
Seven types of membership site currently making money (and making people happy)
Recommendations of resources you can use (and tips to take away)
The key to making your forum “take off” and become a household name
The simple step to take, to avoid unnecessary forum expense in the future
Three types of coaching you can add (there’s a model for every personality and energy level)
Unconventional membership sites — suiting your media to your members
The A to Z of eStores — How to make sure you’ve picked the right model for yours
One lesser-known product fulfillment company that will make you wake up and take notice
Adding eBooks to your passive income streams — four instant benefits (and how to make the process easy)
Six Kindle tips that will prevent you falling prey to common mistakes

Finally, the course finishes off with:

Module #4

“Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & Customers”

How to make sure the marketing strategies you use are the most effective choices for attracting your clients
Six strategies you need to employ, no matter what sort of business model you use
Why pacing is vitally important — and how to make your Sales Funnels flow
Six more optional strategies — and how to tell if they fit your business
A/B Split Testing and tracking — the basics you need to know (ones you can build on)
The secret attribute successful business share you need to make sure you include
Four habits to guard against (you’ll kill subscriber involvement — without lifting a finger)
The one thing you must always do for your subscribers and followers, no matter how tired or busy you happen to feel
Three types of “regular” follower — and how to make sure you reach them all
The four things you need to know about people addicted to their Mobiles
Six effective ways to connect with your users on Mobile
The simple, one-time tactic not to overlook — doing so will cut your social networking effectiveness to a trickle
Five easy ways to attract great JV partners — and why they will love your offers
Creating your “A” team — the added value collaboration can bring
Two facts you need to know about Facebook — and Pinterest tips and secrets
Fifteen things you can do with Google+ that can really help you grow your business

This simple, four-module course gives you a complete overview of how to plan making the maximum money you need to make in the easiest steps… while creating a business model (and passive streams of income) that will leave you with more time than ever before in your life.

So how about it?  Are you ready to try “How to Start an Online Business” today?

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! Send me, right now, my four-module e-course, “How to Start an Online Business: Ideas, Strategies and Tricks from the Pros” – so I can create the lifestyle and future I want and need – starting today

I understand I’ll find out steps to take that will not only grow my business, but my confidence too – taking the fear out of being successful, and making it seem the most natural thing in the world.

A sampling of some of the things I’ll learn…

How to match my business set up and time progression against my goals
How Sales Funnels really work — and how to build them into my plans before I ever start one
Five ways to make social networking an effective breeze when I don’t have the time
Twelve things Mobile users love to do online — and why this is good for my business
How to break old patterns of thinking I didn’t even know I had!
Why filling in the easy worksheets can do more towards my success than simply help me organize things
How to make sure I’m living the sort of business life that makes time fly enjoyably by
Send me my course straight away, please — so I can get started!

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I’ll also have 60 full days to evaluate the material at my leisure — and get a cheerful, easy refund from the editors of HomeBusinessHowTos.com, if I should decide for any reason “How to Start an Online Business” is simply not for me.

This course is especially for you if you feel like you’re getting further behind with your business planning every day:  You feel the more know, the more you always seem to be realizing you have to learn.

Don’t struggle with re-inventing the wheel:  Help yourself to insights, overview, information – and an easy-to-implement, pick-and-customize system.

Four easy lessons and a simple assignment.  That’s all it’s going to take.

To your success


The Editors at HomeBusinessHowTos.com

P.S.  “How to Start Your Own Business” provides 4 easy “fill-in-the-blanks” Worksheets that you may feel are worth the price alone – one for each module.  (And you can use them time and again, for every business venture.)

Disclaimer: The information presented in this report represents the views of the publisher as of the date of publication. The author is not acting as a personal career advisor. There is no guarantee of employment or profits of any kind as a result of reading this ebook.
Affiliate Disclosure: Momscape earns revenue from sales of this ebook.

Le Petit Gourmet – Ratatouille Recipe for Babies and Toddlers


Guest Post by Cheryl Tallman,  FreshBaby.com

Ratatouille is a traditional French vegetable dish. The French word “touille” means to toss food. Toss, sauté, and blend the ingredients below to delight your tiniest gourmet’s taste buds.


  • 2 Tbsp. Olive oil
  • 1/2 large Onion, diced
  • 2 cloves Garlic minced
  • 1 can (14 oz.) Diced tomatoes
  • 1 medium Eggplant, diced
  • 2 small Zucchini, diced
  • 2 tsp. Herbs d’ Provence
  • 1 tsp. Salt


Set a 12-inch sauté pan over medium heat and add the olive oil. Once hot, add the onions and garlic to the pan and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, Herbs d’ Provence, and salt to the pan and continue to cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. This dish can be served for the whole family to enjoy and some of it can be pureed for your little gourmet!

To make pureed baby food:

Place the Ratatouille in a blender or food processor and puree to a smooth texture. Spoon Ratatouille into So Easy Storage Trays, cover and freeze.

To serve: Defrost cubes and warm slightly. This is a delicious vegetable dish that goes well with cooked brown rice, mashed pasta, tofu or chicken.

About the Author: Cheryl Tallman is the co-founder of Fresh Baby, creators of the award-winning So Easy Baby Food Kit, and author of the So Easy Baby Food Basics: Homemade Baby Food in Less Than 30 Minutes Per Week and So Easy Toddler Food: Survival Tips and Simple Recipes for the Toddler Years. Visit Cheryl online at www.FreshBaby.com for more delicious tips.

Learn more about Cheryl’s work:

So Easy Baby Food (Spiral)
So Easy Baby Food (Spiral)
Price: $18.29
Presented in an innovative format that is a combination of cookbook, workbook, and instructional guide, this reference helps parents provide dietary essentials for their babies through all-natural, homemade baby food. With more than 40 recipes for fruit, vegetable, and protein purees, hundreds of suggestions for creating meals, and tips for enhancing flavor with herbs, parents will learn to easily prepare food in only 30 minutes per week that looks, smells, and tastes better than any mass-produced variety. In addition to the recipes, the guide provides information on the benefits of homemade baby food, introducing solid foods, and developing healthy eating habits, while the workbook format makes it easy to record allergies and other reactions.

So Easy Baby Food Basics - Cheryl Tallman - Paperback
So Easy Baby Food Basics – Cheryl Tallman – Paperback
Price: $8.95
Buy So Easy Baby Food Basics by Cheryl Tallman in Paperback for the low price of 8.95. Find this product in Cooking > Baby Food.