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Bob Greene and The Best Launch “Best Life’s Small Change Movement” – a 15-Week Rewards Program Based on Making Small Changes to Help People Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Live Their Best Life, the online weight-loss program based on the best-selling book The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene, is proud to announce the “Best Life’s Small Change Movement” starting on Tuesday, May 15. The program, which is free and open to the public, is based on the successful strategies that Greene has used over the course of his 25-plus years as a health and fitness expert.

He will be offering advice and encouragement throughout the 15-week program, and will even give participants a chance to win an array of prizes. The details of “Best Life’s Small Change Movement” can also be found on the company’s website:

Register today, and, each week through August 15, you’ll be challenged to meet small weekly goals.

Throughout the summer, Greene will send encouraging e-mails to help motivate participants. There will also be several chances to win prizes, including a Blendtec Blender, a Phillips Wake-Up Light, a Phillips Go-Light Blu, and several books by Best Life creator Greene.

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The Best Life Diet Revised and Updated
The Best Life Diet Revised and Updated
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Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover
Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover
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