Things We Love – Silver Linings Shoe Liners

You know those favorite pair of shoes that you love to wear without socks…because it’s springtime for heaven’s sake, and it feels so, so good to go sockless? But there are times – and there are shoes – that really shouldn’t be worn without socks because, for whatever reason, they start to smell awful.

There’s help for that.

Silver Linings Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners (3 Pairs) - Beige/Nude

Silver Linings are ultra-thin, odor absorbing shoe liners designed for women who wear shoes without socks. They are infused with a silver-based technology that prevents bacterial odor. This specific technology is also EPA-registered and environmentally friendly. Silver Linings keep feet fresh and odor-free while preserving the life of flats and heels. Unlike traditional insoles, Silver Linings are ultra-thin (~1mm) and barely noticeable when worn.

The price on these at is just $16 for 3 pairs, and you can get coupons here. So get some, and enjoy your socklessness!

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