Soup. Love.

Oh how my 10 year old loves soup. If we are getting ready to go somewhere, and we’re in a hurry, she often asks if she can have a quick bowl of soup first.

I think this is because there’s no such thing as a quick bowl of soup.

Even if you have some leftover soup sitting in the fridge, ready to reheat, it takes a while. You need to ladle it into a pot and warm it, then let it cool, and by then you have slowed yourself down enough to where you want to stop, take off your coat, and sit for a spell.

You begin to savor your soup. You breathe in the steam, you chase the vegetables with your spoon through the broth. I’m beginning to suspect that asking for a bowl of soup is my daughter’s way of asking me to please slow down. To stop rushing her. To let her sip a bit of soup.

Here are three soup recipes that I’ve recently bookmarked. I plan to try them each in the weeks ahead.

Chicken Tortilla Soup from The Pioneer Woman

Spanish Beef Stew, from Family Fun

Smoky Tomato Soup, from Fine Cooking

And here are a few soup recipes from Momscape’s Recipe Archives, as well.

Winter Vegetable Soup
Barley Chicken and Leek Soup
Spring Onion Miso Broth and Tofu
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup
Roasted Pepper Soup
Fresh Tomato Soup
Creamy Carrot and Orange Soup
Corn and Sweet Potato Soup
Chicken Wild Rice Soup with Lemongrass

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