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It DOES Get Easier: A Message to Moms with (Very) Young Children
“I suppose I feel compelled to say all of this because when we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, it makes it easier to settle into our days and to enjoy them, just the way they are…”

Creative Rainbow Mother
Shelby Murphy on Earth Mothers…and those of us from other planets. A must read!

Silence is Golden, and So is a¬†Child’s Chatter “It’s ironic how much we adults crave silence, until we get it and realize the cost…”

Life is Practice
“La vida verdadera es la practica — life is practice. Common knowledge to the average four-year-old. It’s too bad we adults speak a different language.” Read this and get in the game…

Zen and the Art of Folding Laundry
“Somewhere in the years of Cold Wash with Like Colors Only and Tumble Dry Low I changed. My monkey mind calmed to meet the slower pace of my life with small children. I stopped behaving like a hyperactive adolescent, always trying to numb the pain of self-induced boredom with stimulation, and started finding joy in the ordinary.”

Revering the Crayon Marks
Recapturing the magic that is motherhood.

Simple Living
Eliza Bloom on simplifying the simple life.

Finding Your Spirit in the Kitchen Sink
A reminder that a mother’s self-nurturing rarely occurs at a day spa.

Drifting, Rushing, Slipping Time
An essay for parents of small children, by Susie Cortright.

Freedom Through Forgiveness
20 life-changing quotes to read, remember, and share.

The Love Focus
A remarkable meditation for those times when you can feel resentment building. By Robert Elias Najem.

Why a Mother’s Happiness Matters
Studies show that happiness creates higher incomes, stronger relationships, more friends, greater self-confidence, better physical health and a longer life. That sounds like what we want for our children. But where do they learn how to be happy? From us. Our children model our behavior. Being happy is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.

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