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How Many Calories to Lose Weight?
How to ensure adequate nutrition without inviting deprivation. Here’s how to calculate your daily caloric needs for weight loss.

Top Celebrity Workouts
Celebrities work hard to stay in peak shape for the camera. Here, some top celebrities and what they do to look so good.

Online Fitness Tools that Motivate and Inspire
Whether you’re streaming a new Yoga class each day or just finding a new group of friends to work out with, you might be amazed at the new tools and resources available online. Here are some of our personal favorites.

BMI Calculator
Body Mass Index Basics, including the BMI Formula and BMI Calculators as well as BMI information for children and teens.

Exercise Tips: 25 Ways to Stay Motivated
How do you go from a sporadic, on-again, off-again exerciser to someone for whom exercise is a lifelong habit, as natural and necessary as going to work and eating regular meals? Here are 25 tips from someone who has been on both sides.

Nutrition for Kids: Make the Most of Your Child’s Day
It’s a fact: good eating habits can make you and your children brighter and better throughout the day. Here are a few tips that will help you and your family make the most out of each day.

Nutrition Happens
“If you can offer [healthy] foods to your child more than half of the time, nutrition will happen even when fun foods are part of your child’s regular diet.” An encouraging article for parents of picky eaters, from dieteician and author Beverly Pressey.

Natural Anti-Inflammatories
Are there any foods that help alleviate muscle stiffness, aches, and pains? Clinical nutritionist and author Kymythy Schultze gives us some ideas for natural anti-inflammatories.

Kids’ Brain Boosters
Many factors affect brain health. Here, what you can do to make a positive difference in your child’s learning and memory function.

Budget Organics
Many of us would love to go “all organic” with their food choices, but that can be a pricey proposition. Here’s how to prioritize your organic food purchase.

Healthy Eating for Families: 20 Quick and Easy Dinnertime Tips
By the end of any given weekday, we have packed lunches, kissed foreheads, gone to work, driven carpool all over town, and now…now it is time to cook dinner. Here are twenty quick and easy tips that can also make for magical family memories.

Mindful Eating: Redefining “Enough”
“What if you redefine the portion size from how many mouthfuls you can have to how many mindfuls you need to feel full, if you shift your attention from a mouthful to a mindful, from a serving to a savoring?” An intriguing take on mindful eating from author Pavel Somov.

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