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Have you – or your kids – ever wondered:

“Why do bees buzz?”
“Why are they called ‘ears’ of corn?”
“Why do you yawn?”
“Why do birds fly in a ‘v’?”

There’s a brand new website set up to helping you discover answers to questions such as these, in a fun way that you and your kids can explore together. It’s called, and it’s devoted to fueling the passion for learning and literacy in your family.

Each day, you’ll find a clever wonder that is specially designed to kindle learning, fun, and further curiosity. Each “wonder” gives you an immediate new bit of knowledge, as well as more activities, vocabulary words and videos to help you all learn more.

These daily wonders are brought to you, free of charge, by the National Center for Family Literacy and are designed to help you find learning moments right there in everyday life.

Check it out today with your kids. Read the wonder together and maybe try an activity. You might just discover a new daily tradition.

Here’s today’s wonder:


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