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Old Fashioned Children’s Games – Over 200 Outdoors, Car Trip, Song, Card & Party Activities
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Old Fashioned Children's Games

Remember “Farmer in the Dell”, “Kick the Can,” and “King of the Mountain”?

How about “Run Sheep Run” or “Slap Jack and Old Maid”?

If you long to go back to a simpler time with your kids – even for just an hour or two a week – brush up on your knowledge/memory of those so-called “old fashioned games.” These games are great for birthday parties – or just a Tuesday afternoon in the summertime when your kids are saying they’re bored. The games are cheap to play and don’t take a whole lot of equipment or even organization.

The book Old Fashioned Children’s Games is a book every modern family should own. In its pages, you’ll discover more than 200 games, songs and card games from “the olden days” that were popular then and will likely be every bit as popular with your little ones.

This book is a wonderful collection of good old-fashioned outside games, card games, singing games, campfire songs/games and party games everybody – old and young – can enjoy.

Here’s the Product Description direct from BetterWorldBooks.com
“Whatever happened to the old-fashioned children’s games and songs? Old favorites like Kick the Can, Fox and Geese, and Red Rover encouraged camaraderie, physical activity, coordination and social interaction-as electronic and computer games never can. Family and campfire singalongs helped preserve the folksong and storytelling tradition while instilling in children a sense of community and a confidence in their musical capability. Writer and poet Sharon O’Bryan has gathered a collection of the old games and songs. She brings the old days back to life with instructions for outdoor games like King of the Mountain; car games like Graveyard; card games including Old Maid; and favorite party games such as Blind Man’s Bluff. Lyrics and music to singing games and campfire songs are added to this collection to offer old style amusement for every child and occasion.”

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