Christmas Party Games for the Whole Family

Here are fun Christmas party game ideas for the entire family.

1. Christmas Word Search. Find holiday word search puzzles on the Internet or in bookstores. Make enough copies for all. Using a timer, give everyone three minutes to find as many words from the list as they can.

2. Holiday Win, Lose or Draw. Remember the TV show? Divide into two teams and have a list of holiday phrases and song lyrics written down on slips of paper. One team member chooses a phrase and then draws it while the other members try to guess. Your team gets 90 seconds to guess correctly. If they can’t, play passes to the other team.

3. Name that Holiday Tune. Divide into two teams. Have a list of holiday songs written on slips of paper. One person from each team chooses a slip of paper and hums the tune for the rest of the team. Teammates have five or ten seconds to name the holiday tune. If they can’t, play passes to the other team.

4.  DVD games. There are a number of DVD games on the market that can make it easy to play big group games.  Here are some favorites:

Family Feud DVD Game

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? DVD Game

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire DVD Game

There are lots of other games that are great for large groups. Play Charades with a holiday theme or play Catch Phrase, a game that is particularly well-suited for groups of any size. Mad Gab is always good for a giggle, especially in large groups, but it works better with groups of 12 or fewer.

Whatever games you play, it can spice up the game if you have prizes for the winners. These can be small candies or items from Oriental Trading. Or use fake money and have a Christmas Auction House.

Here’s how it works: Instead of giving assorted prizes for winning games, give game money, which you can call Reindeer Bucks or Santa Bucks. At the end of the game session, each person with money can bid on a gift that they want from the gift table. Have everything wrapped so no one knows what exactly they are bidding on.You’ll want to buy enough gifts for everyone to take home something as a fun and festive party favor.

Happy holidays!


  1. Even though it’s not quite as good if you’re on a budget over Christmas, there’s a game called Buzz on the Playstation 2 and 3. It’s a quiz show where up to 4 players have a handheld buzzer and get to answer questions on different popular topics, it’s really fun!

  2. Well, Family Feud is actually a classic game that traces back wayback in the 80′s i guess. It is a nice game anyway.:;.

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