Christmas Crafts and Activities – 7 Boredom Busters for Kids on Holiday Break

It’s the first day of holiday break. Here are few crafts and other boredom-busting indoor activities for keeping your kiddos busy today (and beyond).

1. Make your own snow globes. Gather some glass or clear plastic containers, such as baby food jars or mustard or mayonnaise jars. After you wash and dry the jars, gather some small Christmas decorations or knickknacks. Use some waterproof glue to affix your figurines inside the jar. Decorate with stickers or other holiday items. Then fill the jar with water and some glitter. Glue the lid in place and let dry.

2. Make candy crafts and ornaments to give away. Here’s a quick and easy idea to get you started: Make a candy train. Take a roll of Lifesavers or other hard candy to make the main part of the train. Glue on individually wrapped peppermints for the wheels. Glue a square candy, such as a caramel or a Starburst, to the front. Add a string to create a holiday ornament. Ask your kids to come up with other things they can make with different sizes and shapes of candy: angels, robots, puppies and more.

3. Make homemade Christmas cards. Provide a variety of supplies, such as construction paper, card stock, scissors, glue, glitter and glitter glue, pencils, crayons, and makers as well as old Christmas cards. Turn the kids loose with their creative energy to make festive handmade cards. Deliver them to friends and neighbors atop loaves of quick bread or tins of cookies. (We made this Cranberry Orange Walnut Streusel Bread the other day and it was a hit with the entire family. Yum!)

4. Have your kids help you wrap gifts. Here are 24 creative holiday gift wrap ideas and here are some eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

5. Make sugar or gingerbread cookies together and let the kids decorate. Then put them in decorative tins and give to family and friends.

6. Make holiday wreaths. Supply the kids with red, white and green chenille stems, as well as some small bells, beads and bits of ribbon. The kids can braid or twist the chenille stems and shape them into a circle for a cute ornament or decoration to hang on the tree or to share with friends.

7. Make other handmade gifts.
Everyone excels at making something. Teach the kids how to create something that comes easily to you. Some ideas: handmade soaps and bubble bath, scarves, candy, mini scrapbook albums, a poem or more homemade food. Here are more simple holiday gift ideas for your neighbors.

What are more holiday boredom busters? Please share below!

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