New Momscape Giveaway: Sweet Cakes of Artful Soap {Contest Closed}

I just love these soaps.


I love it when someone is artistic enough to elevate an ordinary, everyday thing like soap to the level where it becomes art. Sometimes I think that’s what life’s all about.

These beauties are made by a little company named Milagros, which used to have a their own shop on Main Street in the little Colorado ski town where I live. Now you have to go upstairs in a flower shop to find them, but I sniffed them out and we are now happily reunited.

These bars smell divine. Heavenly. And you can find a design to suit any personality. Beyond coffee cups and, well, the Earth – there are martinis, gardenias, mountain scenes, Christmas trees, cherries, watermelons, peaches and lots more – with scents to match. You’ll have to use your olfactory imagination here, but the scents for the soaps pictured above are as follows:

“Good Earth” has hay, floral, and citrus notes.
“CafĂ© Ole” has hazelnut, cinnamon and coffee bean oils.

I’m giving these two bars away to a randomly selected reader who leaves a reply at the end of this post and tells me simply this:

My favorite winter sport is ____________.

If you don’t personally participate in any winter sports, please note that I will also count watching others as they engage in sport, as well as indoor pursuits, such as cocoa slurping or Frito munching or dog snuggling.

I’m not sure why I chose these two soaps to go together. Perhaps because coffee makes my world go round? In any case, the drawing will be random and the entry deadline is Monday 11-9-09 at midnight mountain time. (US and Canada 18 and over, please. Complete rules are here.)

Also, please note that comment moderation is enabled, so your comment will not show up immediately, but as long as it’s not rated R, it will appear below quite shortly.

Then follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook because these are the channels through which we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday the 10th.

So, tell us: what is your favorite winter activity?

Thanks to all who entered! This giveaway has ended, but stay tuned for more!


  1. My favorite winter Sport is Ice Skating

  2. Jessica Covington says:

    My favorite winter sport is Snowboarding….

  3. missdenise says:

    My favorite winter sport is snow sledding! (not sure if that is really a sport, but it sure is fun!)

  4. My favorite winter sport is skiing.

  5. My favorite winter sport/activity is snow shoeing.

  6. Leslie Davis says:

    My favorite winter sport is hockey.

  7. My favourite winter sport is drinking hot chocolate while curled up on the couch and watching T.V.

  8. Veronica Garrett says:

    My favorite winter sport is downhill sking.

  9. my favorite is hockey, we like to watch it on TV or friends playing.

  10. Heather C says:

    Ice skating! Thanks so much!

  11. My favorite winter sport is Hocky! Thank you so much! :)

  12. jill klein says:

    Ice skating : )

  13. My favorite winter sport is figure skating!

  14. My favorite winter sport is ice skating.

  15. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    snowball fights!!

  16. I have just decided to start training for a biathlon (skiing and shooting) So lets hope this will become my fav winter sport!

  17. Hockey

  18. i love to Figure Skate, and this has been my favorite sport ever since i was a kid.,,.

  19. Alice LeDoux says:

    My favorite winter sport is BAKING!!!!

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