My word – What a world

So I just started my facebook business page for momscape. I’ve had a personal facebook page for a little while, but I haven’t bitten down and created one for momscape, partly, I think, because I so identify with my business. It’s like it’s my baby, a member of my family, a fourth kid – and so the word “fan” sounds so presumptuous. It actually makes me giggle. Could I seriously look someone in the eye and ask them to be my fan?  We would both start laughing. I am not the kind of person who has fans. Friends, yes. Fans? no.

I have known for some time that I had to do it. I needed to join the social media world before it passes me on by, but I’ve been kind of resistant – for reasons noted above. Plus, I feel like I’ll lose my focus or something. But then, once I started, it was amazing. I felt like I did when I first started Momscape 10 years ago.

The world got smaller.

Suddenly, I can see the faces of you – my subscribers and friends – and we can talk back and forth about things. It’s like the Internet is growing up. It’s shaping into something earthshattering. Exciting. It gives me butterflies. Who knows what will happen next!

And then later that day, I was still kind of marveling about it all, and I was listening to the storm outside. It has been snowing like mad up here  in tiny flakes, the kind that come down only when it’s really cold. These flakes are so little they get caught by the wind and swirl around and skitter against my windows before settling on the ground.

As I generally do during those first big snowstorms of a long winter, I started to feel a little trapped and panicky. And then I heard a little tweet from my tweetdeck. And then I had a facebook conversation with a friend who moved away, and then I checked out photos of my friend who is currently off enjoying Amsterdam, and then I checked my email to see photos of another friend’s new baby. And then I researched some randonee skis and boots on And then I listened to a TED talk while eating a reheated bowl of last night’s chili. And then I went for a walk in the wide, wide world while listening on my ipod to an audiobook that I downloaded from audible.

My word. What a world.

P.S. Will you be Momscape’s fan?

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