Girls and Bullying

Erik FisherAs we are teaching girls “girl power,” let’s also teach them healthy ways to find it. Here is an important article from Dr. Erik Fisher (aka Dr. E at

The Bully in Pigtails: Girls and Bullying

I think we all have begun to see a disturbing trend in recent years. More and more often we are seeing girls bullying girls, but not like it used to be. Historically, girls have not been immune to bullying, but the way they approached it was through typically manipulation, name calling, getting others girls to not be friends with a girl, or even making up very painful stories about a girl. What we are seeing now is that bullying is becoming much more aggressive and physical. All across the country, more and more stories are surfacing about brutal types of bullying among girls. Research is showing that bullying behavior with girls is in the rise since the 1990s.

Why are seeing these trends in girls with aggressive bullying? As the school year begins, it is important, as a parent, to be aware of what your children are facing and be in a position to help them through their challenges. We will discuss some of these issues in this brief article… (Click here to continue reading > )

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