How to Improve Your Mother’s Intuition

Can you improve your mother’s intuition? In her new Momscape article, Dyan Eybergen, author of Out of the Mouths of Babes, gives us tips on doing just that. She begins:

Most parents know instinctively that their child is a unique blend of character traits, personality and temperament; that no two children are alike. Most parents respond to their child’s distinctiveness through intuition during the first few years of their baby’s life by interpreting their baby’s cries and responding appropriately. But with regards to parenting their child past the toddler stage, many parents fail to continue to “listen to their gut” and go in search of quick-fix methods that promise solutions to parenting challenges. As a consequence, the parent’s ability to tap into their intuition becomes compromised and the child’s uniqueness is lost to the one-size-fits-all approach to parenting.

Contemporary parenting solutions are not all bad, it just that they often do not take into consideration an individual child’s needs, personality or family’s dynamic. So often, the child is being raised in ways that go against the child’s natural disposition. As a result, there is often parent-child conflict, stressed out moms and dads and anxious kids.

Here are some ways you can improve the quality of knowing and understanding your child which will help you return to parenting him/her from a place of intuition:

·        Always keep the lines of communication open. Make an effort to know your child: his/her friends names; favourite colour, movie, bands, food; how your child feels about certain issues like smoking/drinking, recycling, pollution, bullying; etc.

·        Keep a journal: record the things your child says and does; what he/she is most interested in and how he/she reacts to certain situations or responds to you. Look for patterns or changes in your child’s behaviour: How does he/she process his/her emotions? Which parenting approaches work? Which approaches exacerbate a situation? Where does your child excel, what comes easy to him/her? Where does your child struggle? Write down anything that would be helpful in discovering the true nature of your child’s personality so you can begin to utilize parenting strategies that compliment who he/she is.

·        Write about the day your child was born and list everything you remember about him/her in the first few weeks of life. Do any of those words you use to describe your infant still ring true for them today? Was your baby quiet and remains quiet or shy as a nine-year-old? Or did he/she come out of the womb crying with fierce determination and is a feisty indomitable 12 year-old now?

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