Your “Never-ending Vacation Adventure”

“You’re never satisfied. That’s what life is. It’s just this ongoing, neverending vacation adventure, you see. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done—and we recommend that you have as much fun as you can along the way.” Esther & Jerry Hicks

I just love this. When the summer stretches long and the days stretch on and on and on, I try really hard to think of my life as this neverending vacation adventure.

Because sometimes it feels like a very long test. And sometimes it feels more than a little tedious. And sometimes I feel like vacuuming the floor again even though I just did it because that is when I am ensconced in noise – a peaceful, made-for-one cocoon to the noisy, clamorous, raucous world of sound where kids I don’t even know are asking to come in to play Power Rangers.

And sometimes I just really feel like I need to go for a good hard run straight up the mountain behind by house – but, alas, there is no way on God’s Green Earth that I can do that because my kids and most of the neighbor kids are home with me, sticking to me.

But I like to defy my reality and think of it as an adventure. And not just a neverending adventure, but a neverending vacation adventure.

That’s so much better, even, than a neverending adventure.

A vacation adventure. That’s good food at restaurants with twinkly lights in their windows. Long talks on hotel balconies talking and talking and talking with my beautiful husband late into the night because maybe I actually have the energy to stay up past ten because I’m on vacation.

It’s reading good books and running down the hallways to the swimming pool. It’s sitting in the sun under an orange brimmed sun hat and feeling my skin sizzle while watching other people who, like me, have no cares at all. It’s getting a little distance on our lives and so having an easier time remembering that all the things we worry about and obsess over are just elements of a game that we are choosing to play.

It’s that loose-in-the-middle feeling you get when you have just run really hard or belly laughed or finished a crying jag.

Just thinking of a neverending vacation adventure and the challenge of trying to make my everyday life into one. It kind of helps today.


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