A Great Big Bowl of Pen and Cherries

I told my kids once that I love Ben and Jerry’s, but I adore Pens and Cherries. This, I had said, was all I need to be content: A new smooth pen and some ripe and juicy cherries.

And then my kids (uh, I’m sure with Ty’s help) go and put a bowl of them at my spot at the breakfast table yesterday. Along with something to write on, a newspaper, and a mix of lovely flowers.

It’s my birthday, see, and my kids like to stretch, draw out, and milk a celebration as long as possible.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mom’s Birthday Eve.

With the dawn of the day today, I am (gasp) 35, which means I now represent a whole new demographic.  Ty says that I am now, like him, officially, a “folk,” which is a word rarely paired with youth and vibrancy.

There are folk tales and folk songs. Folks might be hardy and sturdy, but the word doesn’t conjure much of anything chic or elegant. I am not sure how I feel about being newly classified in this way.

Despite all this, I’m feeling pretty good. For I’ve got two new smooth writing pens and ripe rainier cherries – nearly big as plums and juicy sweet.

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  1. Ursula M says:

    awwwww! How sweet! Happy Birthday Susie!!

  2. U have thoughtful kids. Hope you are having a great birthday.

  3. Very Cool.I will told my friend about this. Thanks!


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